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Virtual Mooncake Exchange

A friend of mine, who’s going to go nameless in this post, called most Facebook social games “window dressing on the poke application.” He wasn’t specifically referring to FarmVille, but it fits. FarmVille’s genius is turning our contract with society … Continue reading

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Of Other Days

In the novel The Light Of Other Days, sci-fi great Arthur C. Clarke posits a future where a new technology means anyone can see what anyone else is doing. Any past antics are available for review by any future employers, … Continue reading

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Newark Airport Singalong

I’m kind of jealous that with all the time I’ve spent waiting at Newark Airport (For Christmas 2006, I flew in on AirIndia, Stick came in on British Airways and we both lost our luggage), I’ve never seen a singalong.

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The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones, by Alice Sebold, begins by introducing the protagonist, Susie Salmon (like the fish, she reminds us), who is dead, murdered by a neighbor who’s made smalltalk with her parents a few times. As her community searches for … Continue reading

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Standard Deviations

I went back to my old high school to see my old stats and programming teacher.  He was supervising a study hall on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving when I came in. What I meant to say was, thanks for putting … Continue reading

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The Awesome Party

Last night we went to Awesome Street for a party. I was a little nervous since I didn’t know anyone, but that dissipated when we arrived and saw a couple of backdoor smokers, wearing white fuzzy bunny ears. “If I’d … Continue reading

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Shooting Fish

I’ve been hearing disjointed quotes from the now-infamous Palin resignation speech for a couple of days and I decided to read the whole thing myself. I’m not going to go over the whole thing, because I was much more confused … Continue reading

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And Whatever It Is Farmers Raise

My friend Lynn works in a flower shop. She called about a week ago to tell me she was on her way over with a present, a little potted lavender, because when I said I always kill my plants, she … Continue reading

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Greyhound Form Letter

When I went to the Arts&Crafts Conference a couple weeks ago, I took the bus from Raleigh to Asheville. I tried to buy tickets on the Greyhound website, but every time I did, it returned an error and asked me … Continue reading

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Brick Factory Lane

This is right where Stick and I lived in Beijing! You can see the drum tower, the bridge by Qianhai, and my own private landmarks, like the exercise equipment and the bird cages on our old street. The narration is … Continue reading

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