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Sparkly Like A Holiday

Stick is on the phone with his stepmom Char, telling her his pre-Christmas plans. “Tomorrow I’m going to bring Meg to work, and then I’m going to take the car to finish shopping and get her Christmas present.” He pauses … Continue reading

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Be Prepared

I don’t mean to sound like a bitter old schoolmarm, but when did it become the teacher’s job to stop lessons to provide supplies?  I remember forgetting my pen or pencil and asking to borrow one in whispers, hoping my … Continue reading

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Hurricane Brodie

My 1-yr-old nephew just learned how to pull the babysafe plugs out of the electrical outlets. This means careful monitoring when he’s running around, and also vague embarrassment that he can get them out faster than I can.

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Sabado Gigante

I was on Sabado Gigante this weekend! Stick thinks I should probably say that “we” were on Sabado Gigante, but you can probably guess that the guy on his knee, in the Beijing duck restaurant, proposing to me is Stick. … Continue reading

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