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Essential Chinese: He Has Already Paid

I’ve started working a couple days a week at a Chinese restaurant near my house. Now, I’ve complained a great deal about how freaking slow everything is in the south, but that’s working in my favor as I earn endless praise for being mildly efficient … Continue reading

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Essential Chinese: Frappuccino

I recently learned that xing bing le  is Chinese for Starbucks’ frappuccino. This is pretty exciting because I recognize each character from another context, so I feel like I actually understand the whole, as language and branding, not just as sounds … Continue reading

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Key Words

I’m really lucky that when I’m at a bit of a career crossroads, and I decide to spend a few months back in China, I can easily do it. I try to keep this constantly in mind, as if by being more aware of it, I … Continue reading

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Beginning Chinese

  Just finished my Chinese class! I took the beginning Chinese class from 北京大学 through Coursera, and now I can do basic things in Chinese, like say the days of the week or ask about favorite television shows, instead of just ordering food.  I … Continue reading

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Chinese Cooking for Diamond Thieves

Here is the tragic thing about my love for China: I really hate Chinese food. Especially the stuff you get in a fancy Chinese restaurant, the steamed fish or abalone or boney-chicken-bits. Too many chewy textures, too many things flavored … Continue reading

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Grass Mud Horse

I picked up a basic Chinese language CD from the library, and started listening to it in the car on the way home. The CD promised to cover basic phrases and words, and I expected to brush up on my … Continue reading

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Iron Man Vs. Mandarin

Can not stop laughing at this. (Hey, Mandarin is my superpower, too! I’m going to save the world!) Poor Tony is going to be extra pissed when he realizes that he’s studying Traditional and not Simplified. Awesome picture via irenydrawsdeadpeople … Continue reading

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Chinese Newspaper

Roy and I were making our way back after a happy hour for Next Island and friends… that turned into several hours.  We got on a mostly-empty 7 train, and found an abandoned Chinese newspaper on the seat, so of … Continue reading

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Secret Superpowers

My recent travels have taught me about real in-room wifi, and on this trip,  after my much-dreaded presentation, I alao learned that “close to the airport” is secret code for “on a highway between Hooters and a strip club.” My … Continue reading

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Vocabulary Building

“Look, Stick, I got spam in Chinese! It says:  I…. good…. mine…. you… not or no… please… compare or comparison… net… not have… you… Um, that’s all I can read.” “You clearly need to learn the Chinese for ‘Nigerian royalty’ … Continue reading

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