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Consider Revising

This semester, I submitted a short story that is so “inspired” by the end of of a certain game company startup that it barely qualifies as fiction. The main workshop feedback I got on it was: Makes no sense for … Continue reading

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Imposter Syndrome, Part 84,751

The last few sessions at school, I felt like I was struggling in most of my classes, especially my craft classes. Fortunately, I read insanely fast, so I didn’t have trouble keeping up that way, but when we responded to … Continue reading

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Scenes From An MFA, Part 2

My assignment schedule: This week you have a major assignment due on Wednesday, and a minor journal due on Thursday. Me: Ok, so means I’ll submit my minor journal on Wednesday and turn in the major assignment on Thursday. Got … Continue reading

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Scenes from an MFA

One week before a writing project is due: This story is really solid. Maybe I’ll make a few small edits, but it’s basically finished. I’ll come back to it for proofreading with fresh eyes, and then submit it! One day before … Continue reading

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Bell’s Seasoning

This is the first thing I’ve written for my MFA that I consider a finished, standalone piece. When I started this program, I expected to write so many finished, solid stories. And I am writing so, so much for this program, but … Continue reading

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Shortly before I left for Taiwan, I was having ramen with Marcus, and he asked how the MFA was going. It was a somewhat rushed meeting in a trendy ramen shop, since I was leaving for Taiwan the next day … Continue reading

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A More Honest Introduction

I started taking my first courses for grad school, and although I was very, very excited to be in this program and to begin this stage of my life, the first assignment was a vague and dull self-introduction with mandatory comments … Continue reading

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