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Revisited Game Review: Women’s Murder Club

Originally written for ThumbGods, a coupe years ago, but I recently dug out my DS for visiting some old favorites. James Patterson’s Women’s Murder Club has been a successful series of novels, a TV show and a series of casual mystery PC games before … Continue reading

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The Daring Game For Girls

When I wasn’t teaching or running around Manhattan with packs of teenagers, I checked out The Daring Game For Girls on the DS. I know this is the girl-player stereotype, but I just can’t overstate how important a customizable avatar … Continue reading

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Game Review: My Boyfriend

I was way too excited for the new My Boyfriend game. I anticipated all the fun of Sim dating, plus my favorite guilty pleasure (changing my avatar’s clothes every five minutes), without all that tedious eating and sleeping and meter-watching … Continue reading

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Cake Mania 3

I have a new review of Cake Mania 3 up over at Casual Gamer Chick. Cake Mania 3 is an adorable time-management game for the Nintendo DS. Jill, our heroine from Sandlot Games’ PC versions of the Cake Mania imprint, … Continue reading

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Extreme Shopping

Cooking Mama 3’s shopping game is uncannily like shopping in a Chinese supermarket. Mama sends you out to find 4 pieces of unwrapped, unrefridgerated meat, but as you search the store to fill your reusable carrier bag, you’ve got to avoid oddly familiar store characters — shouting shop assistants in pastel uniform aprons or a girl with a basket of squid, shellfish and other distinctly Yantai seafood — who’ll slow your shopping progress by trapping you into minigames. Higher levels add loose eggs, heads-on fish and mushrooms to your shopping list, and more people to the store. I keep trying for the elusive perfect score, since I imagine it’ll unlock a “Sunday In The Auchan” extreme challenge level. Continue reading

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Still Lost In Blue

The other day I was googling for “I’m stuck on an island with a total moron,” er, I mean, reading a bit about Lost in Blue 2, and I stumbled upon this Guide 2 Games review of Jack and Amy’s … Continue reading

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What I’ve Been Up To

So, I’ve been working on some other projects, and now I’m going to recycle snips of those articles into a blog post,  I mean, share what I’ve been working on! First, I recently reviewed the new Nintendo DS game Women’s … Continue reading

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Lost in Blue 2

I’ve been playing Lost in Blue 2 on the DS for a while now, and while I always love games about island survival, like MyTribe, Sims 2: Castaway, etc., there’s a lot of room for improvement in Lost in Blue. … Continue reading

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Play! A Videogame Symphony

Stick and I went to Play! A Videogame Symphony at the Koka Booth Amphitheatre a few weekends ago. We joined the crazy quilt of blankets, over a carpet of drying pine needles, and unpacked our cheese, olives,  Nintendo DS, and … Continue reading

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Playing Quidditch

“Stick? Can you play Quidditch for me?” I recently rented Harry Potter for the DS, and the Quidditch parts are just as annoying as they are in the books and movies. Unlike the books and movies, I can’t flip a … Continue reading

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