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Yantai Journals

Oh, hey so I briefly mentioned the Chefoo Concentration Camp when I wrote about exploring Tamsui. There’s an episode of NPR’s This American Life about the diary of a Girl Guide leader who was imprisoned in Chefoo. The story is … Continue reading

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Truth In Advertising

This awesome recommendation appeared on the side of my Facebook page today.

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Ex-Expat Thoughts

I was listening to Obama’s Cairo speech on NPR the other day when the radio cut out and it went to static. My first thought was not that I was driving through a radio dead zone, or that NPR might … Continue reading

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Chatham Hill Winery

Chatham Hill Winery 3800 Gateway Centre Blvd. Suite 310, Cary/Morrisville, NC 27560 We went on a really interesting winery tour taught by the owner and winemaker, Marek Wojciechowski, a biochemist who took up winemaking as a retirement project. Yes, taught … Continue reading

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Customer Service

“Hi!” I said, after a short wait spent wondering when hold-music went out of fashion and enforced advertising came in. “I have a new phone and I’m calling to set up a password for online bill pay!” “Ok, what’s your … Continue reading

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Be Prepared

I don’t mean to sound like a bitter old schoolmarm, but when did it become the teacher’s job to stop lessons to provide supplies?  I remember forgetting my pen or pencil and asking to borrow one in whispers, hoping my … Continue reading

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Durian Romance

The awesome Mental Floss Blog has a new post on 5 Innovative Ways to Encourage Safer Sex. All 5 are funny – condom ringtones, anyone? — but I just had to share this one. Ethiopians claim they hate condoms because … Continue reading

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Meeting Of Minds

It’s sort of an expat joke that the only information determined at a Chinese meeting is the time and place of the next meeting. I think I even saw that on of those “You know you live in China, when…” … Continue reading

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Cheddar, edam, brie, gouda

When I’m traveling, I tend to blindly assume everything’s going to come out all right. There won’t be mice in this bathroom! Of course we’ll get off this island! Sure this is the right bus! But traveling with Zorro is … Continue reading

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Presents From Home!

Yesterday I was in the office and Will says “Meg! I have to talk to you!” Briefly entertaining fantasies that this conversation would involve my school-sponsored bar tab, I followed him. “Who do you know called Katherine?” he asked. I … Continue reading

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