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High-Fives All Around

I came across this on Beth Woolsey’s blog, and it’s perfect: I am quite sure these days I am failing at All the Things, and even though I definitely, for sure, absolutely do NOT subscribe to the idea that we … Continue reading

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Houston! Pick up! Now!

When I was younger, I really wanted to be an astronaut. I’m still fascinated by space travel, and I get excited when I read about the possibility of a Mars colony. I hope it’ll require not just the scientists and survivalists but the essential … Continue reading

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Mandarin Superpowers And More On China

Luke Gedeon is collecting China-related articles over on his blog. I’m really pleased to be part of this project, my contribution is a piece on my Mandarin superpowers.  Luke is well-connected among thoughtful bridge bloggers so it promises to be … Continue reading

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TalkTalkChina Is Back!

TalkTalkChina is back! I don’t know if the dearly-missed D’s are behind it, but the content is up on a new Blogspot home.

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Durian Romance

The awesome Mental Floss Blog has a new post on 5 Innovative Ways to Encourage Safer Sex. All 5 are funny – condom ringtones, anyone? — but I just had to share this one. Ethiopians claim they hate condoms because … Continue reading

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Quick Couple Lines on Palin

Quote from China blogger Matt Schiavenza on Palin, Obama and the media: The Republicans paint the Alaska Governor as the moose-hunting hockey mom the whole party can love. The Democrats seem to be employing a shoot-the-moon strategy, trying to raise … Continue reading

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One World, One Dream, No Visas

I’ve got a new post up at CNReviews about the visa situation and my sadness at leaving China. Edit 7/24: Other bloggers talking about my post. Imagethief James Fallows Luke Gedeon

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Other Bloggers On Visa Changes

A post on the awesome OneManBandwidth blog says goodbye to many expat friends, and mentions an unexpected side effect of the inability to get and keep a legit working visa in education: Teachers were affected about a year ago when … Continue reading

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