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I’ve got a new post up on I Heart Chaos about Zeitheist.  (Warning: I Heart Chaos is not entirely safe for work. Ahem.) Zeitheist, which demoed last night at NYGaming at AOL Ventures, is a new web-based Twitter meta-game. The … Continue reading

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Save GameTunnel!

GameTunnel was one of the first websites that focused on the indie gaming scene. It was founded in 2002 and had years of great coverage, monthly game roundups, game of the year awards, indie game reviews and more. The founder … Continue reading

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New Study: Still Shocked By Girls Playing Games

From the post Girls Got Game! A Look at Gender & Gaming, on the usually-awesome site Frisky Mongoose: First and foremost, what would you say if I told you that 60% of women that play games don’t actually consider themselves … Continue reading

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Textbook Case

Look, another post where I hold up something to which I’ve contributed to in a tiny way! My Craftsman Farms blog and I are mentioned in this business communications textbook! I’m on page 5, so this will be covered early … Continue reading

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The TurboTax Turing Test

Dear TurboTax, Thank you for making my taxes kind of annoying instead of a total nightmare. Sure, it cost most of my tax return to pay for the TurboTax version for under-employed freelancers, but that’s fine. You made it easier to turn … Continue reading

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Ada Lovelace Day

Have you heard about Ada Lovelace Day? If you’re a girl who likes programming, who are your role models? Too few and far between, says UK-based freelance software consultant and tech blogger, Suw Charman-Anderson. Which is why she’s named March … Continue reading

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Best China Blogs

PanAsianBiz has a new post on the top English blogs about China. They’ve listed the top ten blogs in six categories, based on the categories and votes received on Chinalyst’s best China blog contest. I didn’t win Chinalyst’s contest, but … Continue reading

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TalkTalkChina Is Back!

TalkTalkChina is back! I don’t know if the dearly-missed D’s are behind it, but the content is up on a new Blogspot home.

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Geek Jack-O-Lanterns

This Weburbanist list of geek pumpkins includes a Death Star jack-o-lantern, Mario, and ends with Stick and my classics pumpkins from 2004!!!  The photos of really artistic carvings make my Minoan octopus and Stick’s Greek helmet look not-so-good, but we … Continue reading

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Soul Gems

Note: As you read this post, please imagine Stick shouting “Trickertreat!” every few minutes in the background. I saw this over on Suburban Turmoil, aptly titled  “Best. News Release. Ever.” Monster Mash Singer’s Daughter Turns His Cremated Remains into a … Continue reading

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