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The Perils of The Lady Gamer: A Graphial Diversion Regarding Women and Games

I wrote about this hilarious and sad comic on female gamers by Shaenon K Garrity for The Absolute. You may have seen it by now — this is actually the 4th time* I’ve covered a story right before a Gawker … Continue reading

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Here’s what I wrote the last time PAX was ridiculously offensive, citing Dickwolves as a pretty good reason to stop listening to Penny Arcade,   and explaining why I don’t go to PAX. It still applies to this round of dickwolfing … Continue reading

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Dickwolves, Still

After Dickwolves, I decided not to attend PAX. This is not an idle decision, or a ragequitting of a fairly underwhelming webcomic. I’m a freelance games writer who regularly covers E3, SXSW, GDC, Casual Connect, IndieCade, TechCrunch Disrupt, East Coast … Continue reading

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Look, I wasn’t going to jump into the PAX East/ Dickwolves fray, but the ever-awesome Genevieve  Valentine called me out on it. It all began with a mediocre joke from a nerd comic that I find pretty hit-or-miss in general. … Continue reading

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Stick said something about his NDA and official release dates, so I didn’t post about it when he came home with it. But the guys from Penny Arcade are not the only ones with Gears of War 2.

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Who’s At Fault?

In Wisconsin, three teenage boys beat and killed a homeless man, and later described the fight as “like a videogame”. I hate hearing the videogame defense, because it seems like a normal teenager should have the ability to distinguish between … Continue reading

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