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The Ancient Bracelet Of Detect Plot

I stumbled onto this list of writers’ guidelines over at Clarkesworld Magazine, and I thought this list of sci-fi and fantasy cliches was so impressive I had to share. Though no particular setting, theme, or plot is anathema to us, … Continue reading

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The Wonders Of Technology

“Can you get on Facebook and give me Josh and Terri’s address?” I asked Stick a week before Christmas. We were sitting in the living room right before Christmas, with a gorgeous fire going, as I prepared our very first … Continue reading

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Chinese Movie Pirates

No, not the 7 kwai DVDs from the back room. China has censored part of the latest instalment of hit Hollywood movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” for “vilifying and defacing the Chinese”, the official Xinhua news agency said on Friday. … Continue reading

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China’s New Altruism Videogame

Usually my local net cafe is full of boys and young men playing CounterStrike for hours on end or staring at the lao wai girl (your results may vary). As internet gaming becomes more popular, it’s having some surprising effects … Continue reading

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Weird Friends

My friend Allison’s boyfriend proposed to her when they were on the Kissing Bridge at a Renn Faire… wearing color co-ordinated garb. I’m not mocking Renn faires, really. I like the shows, the food, the flirty boys and the knife-throwing … Continue reading

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Puzzle Pirates

You know what sucks about Puzzle Pirates? There’s no pause button. So if you’re, say, playing the drinking game and, say, beating Pat senseless and then the phone rings, there’s no way to pause it. So if the person on … Continue reading

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