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Some Sympathy For Seneca Crane

There are two major conversations happening around games and creativity. One is an amazingly positive conversation around the value of representation and allowing players of all different identities to find themselves in creative media. This is such an exciting conversation, … Continue reading

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The Perils of The Lady Gamer: A Graphial Diversion Regarding Women and Games

I wrote about this hilarious and sad comic on female gamers by Shaenon K Garrity for The Absolute. You may have seen it by now — this is actually the 4th time* I’ve covered a story right before a Gawker … Continue reading

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Of course, I’m for gay marriage and accepting queer relationships. I support gay rights in an obvious and distant way, the way straight people get to be supportive. Straight allies who’ll never be at risk over their sexuality, who can … Continue reading

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