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Are you listening to S-Town? I’ve just started listening to it, and it’s such a terrible and true look at small-town Southern life. It’s about the horror exhaustion and outrage saturation of reading the news and thinking about it, and the … Continue reading

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Social Games Today

Korby Sears from Social Games Today and I talked at Casual Connect. I’ve been wanting to work with Korby for a while now, and it was pretty awesome to finally meet in person and chat about how TVs suck free … Continue reading

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I got into podcasts last year when I had the Beijing commute. I’d listen to Notes From Spain and ChinesePod.com, crammed with full bodycontact against other bus riders. Now I listen to them when I’m either at the gym or … Continue reading

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When I started working on my happy post about all the new podcasts I love, I felt an elephant in the room. Eight years ago, a guy I knew jumped off a bridge. I remember hearing about it and thinking … Continue reading

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Undiscovered Powers

Basic Chinese is my new superpower. I’ve been making a lot of progress with vocab and the hellish tones, and I’m starting to feel like Matt Parkman on Heroes, magically given the ability to hear what people around me are … Continue reading

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Talent Show

On Friday, my class played Hippopotamus. This is an awesome game for mixed levels, easily modified for students’ English abilities and not mind-numbingly repetitive. You send one person into the hall while the rest of the class picks a verb. … Continue reading

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Selective Hearing

Let me explain how Saturday morning works in our house. After I’ve been up for a few hours — and I am not an early riser — I try to get Stick moving. I offer him coffee, I remind him … Continue reading

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Beijing Protests

Some of my more brilliant comments didn’t end up on the show’s podcast, so here’s what I said the first time: We already see China as an economic power, we don’t need the Olympics to show us that everything in … Continue reading

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Olympic Regrets Podcast

I’ve having trouble linking directly to the episode (seems like some parts of the BBC’s site are accessible but others are 404), but if you go to their podcasts page, you can get the March 27th episode, called “Is China … Continue reading

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Smarter Than A Fifth-Grader

I was on World Have Your Say again last night (if you’re my mom, you can download the show). The discussion was about Susan Jacoby’s new book The Age of American Unreason, which claims that Americans are getting dumber and … Continue reading

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