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Ugh, Adulting

So I didn’t post a Wednesday picture last week, and today’s screenshot is pretty much the reason why. I’m doing some new things at work (like always!), but this newest assignment involves facilitating creative content from others, both setting in editorial expectations, … Continue reading

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Every morning, I put on pretty earrings for work, and then take them off almost immediately when I launch the game and put my headphones on. #blog

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Raptr! Conveniently listing my content release in-world time! Oh, man.

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Bring Me The MacGuffin

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Write Flavor Text On Computer

Man, it’s like even my social games are telling me to get back to work.

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More Than Meets The Eye

In the last few frantic days and hours getting our Transformers content together, there was a flurry of emails with “Transformers Final” in the subject line. Each time, I kept thinking I was going to be tested on Autobots and … Continue reading

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Problems Only I Have

My mom: How’s work going, Meg? Meg: Space travel completely redefined interplanetary trade today. My mom: Um… Would you like some dinner?

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The Cave Is A Lie

Our game’s last content release had a small problem that left players stuck in the Ancient Greece realm, unable to come back to tropical. And the major activity in Greece was running around in underwear (Figment: How’s that a bug, … Continue reading

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