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High-Fives All Around

I came across this on Beth Woolsey’s blog, and it’s perfect: I am quite sure these days I am failing at All the Things, and even though I definitely, for sure, absolutely do NOT subscribe to the idea that we … Continue reading

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Mix Tapes

Meg: I’m listening to all my bad music before you come work with me! Harold: Oh, that’s ok, I’m pretty laid back with music. Meg: You only say that because you haven’t heard my awesome Lady Gaga / ABBA mix … Continue reading

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Shooting Fish

I’ve been hearing disjointed quotes from the now-infamous Palin resignation speech for a couple of days and I decided to read the whole thing myself. I’m not going to go over the whole thing, because I was much more confused … Continue reading

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My dad is the editor of a preaching journal, The Living Pulpit, and thanks to nepotism, I mean, my dad’s knowledge of my specific talents, I’ve been doing the quotes section for him for about a year now. For each … Continue reading

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Big Kids

According to Isabelle, Uncle Stick is 50 years old and Aunt Meg is 10.

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Ending A Phonecall with My Sister

“I have to go now, Meggie, my plasmas are solidifying.” –Beth

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This quote keeps popping up all over my Twitter feed this morning. “I was a little disappointed the media called it a tie but I think that means, when they call it a tie, that means we win.” — Sen. … Continue reading

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Captcha Fortunetelling

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Phone conversation with Allison tonight. Friends of ours got married on the Cape this weekend, and I’d already talked to Eric, who’d officiated the ceremony as a temporary justice of the peace, about the wedding. But when girls talk about … Continue reading

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Blog Of The Day Awards

Simpson’s Paradox won the Blog Of The Day Awards, Friday, July 25th. 2008!

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