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MyTribe’s New Mystery

So my favorite Facebook game, MyTribe recently added sending gifts and begging for gifts, and that’s pretty much the day I lost interest in the game. It was extra frustrating because there were so many great ways MyTribe could have … Continue reading

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When Booth Babes Go Bad

As a girl reporter, I know I’m not supposed to like booth babes, but I actually found them to be part of the sensory overload of music and lights and scenery and action that gives the E3 show floor such … Continue reading

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Fantasy University Preview

Fantasy University is an upcoming Facebook game from Simutronics Corp. (If you’re asking yourself why that name sounds familiar, it may be because you’re old enough to have played DragonRealms on AOL.) I’ve been playing the current alpha build —  … Continue reading

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How LOST Will End

I started watching LOST in Yantai, so it’s been years now that I’ve been hoping to get a job working for the Dharma Initiative.  I’ve fallen a month or two behind on this season (which requires avoiding Twitter on certain … Continue reading

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Virtual Mooncake Exchange

A friend of mine, who’s going to go nameless in this post, called most Facebook social games “window dressing on the poke application.” He wasn’t specifically referring to FarmVille, but it fits. FarmVille’s genius is turning our contract with society … Continue reading

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Cool Breeze

Sometimes when people whine about how their town sucks or there’s nothing to do here, I secretly think they’re just not trying hard enough. Only boring people are bored, and so forth. Also, that feeling of  I-hate-it-here is inextricably tied … Continue reading

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Game Review: Sims 2: Castaway

One day, you’re standing on the dock, waving goodbye to a friend, when you slip and fall and land in a crate, which is sealed and loaded onto a cargo ship, which is caught up in a storm and your … Continue reading

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No, I’m Just Oblivious

Random guy outside library: Are you an angel for Halloween? Meg: What? Guy: Is this your angel costume, baby? Meg: No, I… Oh! Wait! You’re hitting on me! Thus proving that the library really is the place to meet boys!

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What I’ve Been Up To

So, I’ve been working on some other projects, and now I’m going to recycle snips of those articles into a blog post,  I mean, share what I’ve been working on! First, I recently reviewed the new Nintendo DS game Women’s … Continue reading

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Leaf Subsides To Looseleaf

Reading poetry with teenagers can be such a random encounter, sometimes there’s a blank stare and complaints that no one really talks like that, sometimes they vibrate with the shock that someone from a dusty old century ever wrote a … Continue reading

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