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Solid Citizens by David Wishart

Man, I’m excited about the books I’ve been getting to review recently. Before receiving David Wishart’s new novel Solid Citizens, I’d already read Ovid, Germanicus, and Sejanus, also Roman mysteries by the same author. I discovered that Solid Citizens is actually the fifteenth Marcus … Continue reading

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Civ V at E3

I was already sold on Civ V before I went to the demo at E3. Civilization, in all it’s incarnations, is one of my favorite games, and I was really looking forward to seeing the newest version. Civ V keeps … Continue reading

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Newark Airport Singalong

I’m kind of jealous that with all the time I’ve spent waiting at Newark Airport (For Christmas 2006, I flew in on AirIndia, Stick came in on British Airways and we both lost our luggage), I’ve never seen a singalong.

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Shooting Fish

I’ve been hearing disjointed quotes from the now-infamous Palin resignation speech for a couple of days and I decided to read the whole thing myself. I’m not going to go over the whole thing, because I was much more confused … Continue reading

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The Chocolate Bean

The Chocolate Bean 280 Meeting St Cary, NC 27518 I’m lucky enough to do a lot of my work via my laptop, so I’ve been looking around for a local coffeeshop with wifi. I’ve been shopping around, and discovered that … Continue reading

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Brick Factory Lane

This is right where Stick and I lived in Beijing! You can see the drum tower, the bridge by Qianhai, and my own private landmarks, like the exercise equipment and the bird cages on our old street. The narration is … Continue reading

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The Independence of Miss Mary Bennett

I have mixed feelings about Colleen McCullough. On one hand, she wrote the well-researched and racy Caesar’s Women and other novels set in ancient Rome. On the other hand, I haven’t quite forgiven her for Thorn Birds. Now, I love … Continue reading

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Cartoon Network Rickroll

We don’t have cable (we wouldn’t have a TV if Stick didn’t need it for his console games) so I had to find out about the national rickroll through Twitter. It is so awesome to see a nerd joke make … Continue reading

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Palin and “President Sarkozy”

Canadian comedians called Sarah Palin pretending to be Sarkozy. I’ve seen this a few places, and I wasn’t going to listen to this because radio pranks are usually stupid set-ups and the punchline is somebody saying a dirty word to … Continue reading

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Supervillian Applications

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, Joss Whedon’s new project, recently put out a call for supervillains to submit their applications. Stephen Follows sent me his villain, The Garnisher. It’s very Mystery Men, only with music. And garnishing. The Garnisher – Application … Continue reading

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