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Dungeons of the Endless

New review of roguelike  Dungeons of the Endless up on iOs Strategy Games: Each room contains random, pixelated art of alien blossoms, glowing slime, broken crystals, or other space debris, and a random chance of having a reward, like extra resource … Continue reading

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AstroNest: The Beginning

I’ve started writing some game reviews for iOsStrategyGames (I swear I didn’t know about that awesome communist branding before I took the assignments), and I was assigned AstroNest. On the plus side, female characters wearing clothes!  On the minus side, pretty … Continue reading

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Book Review: Writers of the Future #WotF31

After a long introduction discussing emerging artists and blind judging, I was surprised to see how much of the Writers of the Future Volume 31  anthology was written by well-known science fiction writers like L. Ron Hubbard, Orson Scott Card and Larry Niven. A … Continue reading

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Blog Book Tour: Purgatory Origins

In Purgatory Origins: Powers of Darkness, archeology professor Harrison Standish, is investigating an Egyptian tomb, and discovers a set of messages, not consistent with when the chamber was supposedly sealed, and strange half-human skeletons. While he’s investigating the skeletons, he hears … Continue reading

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Blog Book Tour: Children of the Gods

Children of the Gods: The Talon Project is a short, self-published story of investigative reporter Micheal Cohen receiving either the greatest tip of his career, or a huge set-up. An aging Kentucky politician and his beauty-queen wife invite Cohen to … Continue reading

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Notch’s Surprising New Projects – Youth Digital

Part of my new job involves tech and games blogging for kids eight and up. Here’s my first piece, it was difficult for me to take out the industry snarking, but I think the result is child-friendly without being condescending. … Continue reading

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The Love of My (Other) Life

The Love of My (Other) Life, by Traci L. Slatton, is a cute sci-fi romance. Brian chases Tessa all around Manhattan, telling her she’s his wife in an alternate universe, and making really terrible physics jokes. When Tessa isn’t trying … Continue reading

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On The Future

I’ve started contributing to Geek Magazine recently, and my first piece is about future tech. It’s exciting to think about a pocket app that learns about what you like and finds it for you, and, on a larger scale, about omnipresent … Continue reading

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I played Spaceteam with some friends this weekend. When you have a group of people who work in games and think critically about games, sometimes it’s easy to get caught up talking about mechanics, but I had so much genuine … Continue reading

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Green Space

Green Space is a new Facebook game from RocketOwl Inc, in which players are presented with futuristic environmental challenges and an environmental message. I became interested in Green Space because I think the social connections through Facebook have the potential … Continue reading

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