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Career Lessons From The Sims: Lifetime Wish

So I recently noticed that following the Writer skill track for The Sims 3 draws an interesting distinction between mastery of the skill, creating brilliant work, selling profitable work, and the activity of writing. Thinking about these distinctions has led … Continue reading

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Oddly Accurate Fairy Sim

My Sims’s goals are to talk about her  job, work on her novel, become a better writer (because writing skill is distinct from actually completing assignments, isn’t it?) and be worth $20,000. In case you’re wondering if I’m going to … Continue reading

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When the new SimCity came out, and crowds of gamers leapt to vilify EA for the problems with a new always-online “feature”, I kind of laughed at players getting so wound up over launch-day issues. I even snarked about how worked … Continue reading

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Speaking Simlish

I play a lot of games. I also read about games, and think about games, and work on games, and write about games. Sometimes my game development work gets in the way of my games journalism, and my editor at Hardcore … Continue reading

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Game Review: My Boyfriend

I was way too excited for the new My Boyfriend game. I anticipated all the fun of Sim dating, plus my favorite guilty pleasure (changing my avatar’s clothes every five minutes), without all that tedious eating and sleeping and meter-watching … Continue reading

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