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Star Trek: Timelines

Every ten levels, the Timelines crew members will need four items to “advance” and permit experience to be gained from missions. Each item is related to the character (as Janeway wants coffee, or Picard has a saddle), but the drop … Continue reading

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Star Trek: Wrath of Gems

Star Trek: Wrath of Gems is a mobile match-three from Genera Games. Wrath of Games uses a match-three games to advance the storyline, a lot like the system in Doctor Who: Legacy. Each completed puzzle unlocks the next scene, although completionists can … Continue reading

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Fanfiction & Strategy in “Star Trek: Timelines”

Star Trek: Timelines from Disruptor Beam is a mobile strategy game with fan fiction elements.  Since the overall game premise is a time paradox, all different characters from all different Trek series appear, and they’re almost all able to join … Continue reading

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Legit Concerns, Best Laid Plans, Whatever

When Harold and I started dating, we were working together at Next Island. I really loved working with him, whether it was there, or last summer when we worked on Star Trek: Rivals together, or when we met at Merscom five … Continue reading

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Secrets of ‘High School Story’ #hssgame

A few weeks ago, I was at a homeschool education conference for my work, and I got chatting with a twelve-year-old about our favorite games. (This was a theme of the conference weekend, and I got quite a few game … Continue reading

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To Ms. Meg

This weekend, I caught a bad cold  so I spent a few days napping and watching Star Trek and having soup and napping again. I wasn’t feeling great when I came back in to work on Tuesday morning, but when I … Continue reading

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Robots Need Love Too

Robots Need Love Too is an iOs puzzle game about two lovestruck robots from Elephant Mouse. In the beginning of Robots Need Love Too, you can choose names, gender, and preferred pronoun for your romantic robots. In addition to the … Continue reading

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Godzilla is the Focal Point of Our Library

Harold has started writing about toys for Action Figure Fury, writing a toy collecting column for people who know the proper names for his monster dolls, or Barbie’s army boyfriend, or little Star Trek men. This recent post talks “finding … Continue reading

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Star Trek: Rivals

Harold and I were reading in the coffeeshop when he came across this little feature on “Star Trek: Rivals” in Star Trek magazine. We were so thrilled to see it!  We’ve been writing social content for the game for a … Continue reading

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And This Is Crazy

Sometimes, Harold sings songs to me. My favourite is when he’s singing a Star Trek theme, and I almost recognize it and ask which one it is, and he sings the name of the show into the theme music.  (Actually, he started … Continue reading

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