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Res Gestae, 2015

At Christmas time last year, I was working at Youth Digital, and really enjoying my work, with no expectations that anything would change in the near future. I felt like all my varied skills as an educator, game reviewer, tech journo, and game developer all … Continue reading

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In A Different Time

Another late summer evening in Yangzhou, and Ian and I have landed at Ronnie’s bar again. I could write an epic on the expat bar in Yangzhou, how I’ve come in with different friends or met up with different friends, sat at the bar … Continue reading

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One of The Lesser Known Pokemon

In China, I feel so brilliant and successful when I do daily things like catch the bus to the mall. I planned to settle down with an ludicrously expensive frappuccino, and do my math homework in the Living Mall’s Starbucks. This … Continue reading

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Yangzhou Differences

It’s Really, Really Hot I mean, I knew it would be hot. I packed for summer. But, you guys, it’s so hot. I bought one of those cotton nightgowns that the grandmas in my old Beijing hutong used to wear around the neighborhood, … Continue reading

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Essential Chinese: Frappuccino

I recently learned that xing bing le  is Chinese for Starbucks’ frappuccino. This is pretty exciting because I recognize each character from another context, so I feel like I actually understand the whole, as language and branding, not just as sounds … Continue reading

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Enjoying It Wrong

Some days, it’s hard to like things. I’m super excited about this latte! I say, and the internet laughs back at me, a stupid (white, thirtyish) lady with my cliched Starbucks drink. Dumb for enjoying the foam patterns and the … Continue reading

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Unleashing Mr. Darcy

   I wasn’t sure if I was going to like Teri Wilson’s Unleashing Mr. Darcy. On one hand, I (almost always) love new takes on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, but this one isn’t just set in upscale Manhattan and … Continue reading

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Obligatory press pass photo! I got to go cover Animazement with Faith, one of my editors at Geek, and it was great to meet an internet friend in person. We also compared stories about random copywriting jobs. Weigh in, friends: … Continue reading

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The Lost Husband

The Lost Husband by Katherine Center. Originally written for Yahoo. In The Lost Husband, Katherine Pannill Center somehow combines a list of fairly generic chick lit tropes into an original and compulsively readable story. Sure, the protagonist, Libby, is a … Continue reading

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New, Long-Lasting Hold

When I first moved to New York (Well, I was actually moving to Scep and Katie’s study, but now that you know that all my exciting LA adventures involve me staying in the murder hotel, I guess “moving to my … Continue reading

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