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Stick asked me the other night where if my sister Bethie picked a grad school yet. “She did!” I tell him. “She’s going to Columbia! She’s going to live in the city, near me!” “Columbia? That’s a great choice!” Stick … Continue reading

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Stick lived in Germany for a couple years before we met, but he was on an American base, so the only German he knows is Where is the train station? and potato. (Ed. note: Stick would like you all to … Continue reading

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Best Men

I mostly know Hugo’s best man, Samir, through stories of their drunken antics from the year that Hugo and Stick were roommates, and I lived in Yantai, China. So I’ve heard secondhand about the time Samir locked himself in the … Continue reading

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Airport Camping

I was delayed at LAX on the way back from E3.  I camped out by an outlet, with my laptop and my Starbucks cup and about ten thousand press kits, all the paraphenalia of my awesome life.  Ok, so I … Continue reading

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Augmented Reality

“…and I’ve also been going to the gym here a lot,” Stick said, midway through the backlog of saw-this-and-thought-of-you that makes up our recent phone conversations. “Yeah, I know,” I said. “I saw it on your SCVNGR feed.” “Oh yeah? … Continue reading

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Fording The River

Stick called today, partly to catch up and partly as just another step in the hellish process of separating ours into his and mine. I haven’t really known what to say about him here, because I still have a lot … Continue reading

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Wanted: Sidekick with Flashbulb Camera

I got this sticker from my dad the other day. Now I just have to find the guys from The Kartel and steal one of their hats, and I’m all set to be an old-time reporter!

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Bu Chai

Tom Lasseter, who replaced Tim Johnson as the China correspondent for McClatchy, mentioned today on his blog that Beijing plans to renovate all the hutongs around the Drum and Bell Towers. Renovation is hardly news in Beijing, where the pre-Olympic … Continue reading

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Stick brought in the mail yesterday, and brought me a book I’d ordered and a couple adverts, and then asked if maybe I was waiting for something else to arrive. I guess in the excitement of getting my press credentials … Continue reading

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My friends are all big fan of bubble tea, and I was happy to go along to Lollicup, a bubble-tea spot, because wherever there’s boba, there are also delicious crazy juices. Like watermelon. Yum. We’d planned to take our drinks to … Continue reading

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