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On The Future

I’ve started contributing to Geek Magazine recently, and my first piece is about future tech. It’s exciting to think about a pocket app that learns about what you like and finds it for you, and, on a larger scale, about omnipresent … Continue reading

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Recent Projects

I’ve got a piece on Tapscape talking about a recent texting ban in India. I should probably be discouraged from speculating on tech trends, but I was fascinated by the clever workaround individuals are using to circumvent the ban. It … Continue reading

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Google+ Vs Facebook

From Google vs. Facebook: Should Human Rights Factor in Your Choice of Social Network? on Huffington Post Google Plus, which launched in beta last week, has been Topic One among the “digerati,” who’ve spent much of the week kicking the … Continue reading

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Social Game Smackdown

So I’ve been struggling with my love for MyTribe and the way it’s been spamming up recently. I logged on the other day, and was immediately harassed for not playing. I dislike this on a couple of levels. First, if … Continue reading

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Of Other Days

In the novel The Light Of Other Days, sci-fi great Arthur C. Clarke posits a future where a new technology means anyone can see what anyone else is doing. Any past antics are available for review by any future employers, … Continue reading

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Thoughts On Twitter

I’ve heard that blogging breaks the barriers between Author and Audience. Well, Twitter breaks the barrier between blogger and commenter. It’s group instant messaging or microblogging for your phone or on the web. Whenever Stick’s dad asks me about a … Continue reading

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Stivison On The Future

The Sims 2 is coming out next month! September 17th, if you’re not already counting down. The Sims is a real tough act to follow. It’s the best-selling PC game ever, because it is hugely popular with a wide audience, … Continue reading

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