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Action Figures

My friend Tricia Lupien, who writes and draws the webcomic Swiftriver, has just done the cover for a new book, Action Figures: Issue 1 – Secret Origins (Volume 1) by Michael Bailey. Really proud of you, Tricia! (I just bought … Continue reading

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Hyperbole and Exaggeration

So apparently it’s lame to write a post about how much I love the Boston commuter rail. They have wifi now, and even though it’s pretty spotty,  playing Facebook games is far superior to driving. Instead I’ll tell you about … Continue reading

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I’d like to direct you all to my friend Tricia’s new webcomic, Swiftriver. Swiftriver started a couple months ago, so start with the first comic and follow the story of Bowie Swiftriver. Check it out, leave Tricia a comment or … Continue reading

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