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Skillsets and the Tarzan Yell

I interviewed for a great short-term teaching job the other day. I’m torn between OMG IT’S SO INTERESTING!!! I COULD LEARN SO MUCH THERE!!! and a more responsible worry that I need to stop grabbing interesting gigs and start planning steps to … Continue reading

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The other day, I had my students make menus and play restaurant. I’d put them in groups and let the kids choose whether to be waitstaff or customers, polite or rude. Usually this class is le tired, so I was … Continue reading

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Working Hard In The Teachers’ Office!

Model posing with Carol and Grace! Sven shows us blue steel. He has a lot of modeling experience. A rare photo of everyone at work. (Staged, of course)

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Last night, Stick predicted that I wouldn’t get paid on time, because the new shift in the state holiday calendar has led to an increase in mei you frustration. The holidays were rearranged to break up the long Golden Week … Continue reading

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In The Same Boat

I gave one of my classes a lesson on idioms, as part of my ongoing guest to eliminate certain abused phrases (like overuse of what a pity or using not at all as a response to thank you) from my … Continue reading

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My English Name Is Voldemort

Thanks to Sven (who does not foster age-inappropriate crushes) for the title. I asked one of my classes to write about their Chinese names. What’s your Chinese name? Who choose your name? What does it mean? Are you named after … Continue reading

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Meanderthal — 1) n. A dull-witted student moving through his workbook at his own special pace. 2) v. The behavior of such a student. Usage: John’s parents were so wealthy and well-connected that he meanderthaled through three years of English … Continue reading

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Ji, what were you thinking?

Last week my boss Ji took my class of Demon Children when I went out with Fresca. The Demon Children, and not the homesickness or lack of hot water, brought me closest to going back to the states. I am … Continue reading

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