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CamRate Everything

CamRate, a fun new lifestyle app, lets users take photos or share photos, add a name and a description, and rate it, and publicly share their rating. Then, you can see what others think about it, or rate what other … Continue reading

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From Clippings to the Cloud with Recifoto

ReciFoto was described to me as the secret lovechild of Instagram and handwritten, old recipes. Those are both things I like, so I had to check it out. Users can add recipes by scanning or photographing recipes from handwritten index cards, magazines, old … Continue reading

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Berry Chat With Blabcake

Walking Thumbs’ new Blabcake Messenger App lets users chat with their friends using expressive animations and cute interactions. This social app is often described as emoji chat, but actually users have cute berry avatars. Individual Berries can be personalized with … Continue reading

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Classically Educated Tech Blogging

Female employees working at Apple will soon be offered a fertility benefit of up to $20,000 to put toward freezing their eggs, which advocates say gives women the freedom to seek career advancement without worrying about future family plans. via … Continue reading

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Rejected Lines From My Ada Lovelace Script

I wrote a new script a few weeks ago, to teach our students about Ada Lovelace Day. Here’s what I decided not to include. Today is Ada Lovelace day, which is not her birthday or any date significant to her life. … Continue reading

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Bro, Do You Even Ello?

Mashable’s Chris Taylor describes my feelings on Ello perfectly: There isn’t a working search function. I can’t find my friends, which is about a basic a function as a social network needs to have. I have to login every time … Continue reading

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How It Works Media’s #ExplainerVideos.

How It Works Media makes short, explainer videos for startups and small businesses, allowing them to demonstrate their idea or project to visitors, without suffering through an elevator pitch or reading a product description. Does anyone ever want to listen … Continue reading

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Turning Gaming Passions into Profits at SXSW

Anthony, one of my friends from The Phat Startup, was on a panel called “Turning Gaming Passions into Profits” at SXSW.  I would normally skip this kind of panel, because these usually talk about elevator pitches and personal brands and … Continue reading

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Improve Your Twitter Engagement with ReTweet.ly | (The) Absolute

I’m mostly covering indie games for (The) Absolute, but I’ve also been writing about interesting tech startups, too: Web app retweet.ly aims to trade related retweets between users. Retweet.ly users sign in with their Twitter accounts, choose one of their … Continue reading

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Winston, The Facebook Butler

Yesterday at Dreamit day, when Winston was described as an audio assistant to present stories from social networks like Facebook, I picked up my phone to play games until the presentation was over. I could not have been less interested. … Continue reading

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