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My Top Books of 2014

So, this was blatantly stolen from Alice at Reading Rambo, who stole it from Emily at As the Crowe Flies (and Reads). Although, I only answered the questions I felt like answering, and I waited until weeks into 2015 to do so, because you … Continue reading

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With Those We Love Alive

This is a screenshot, of sorts, from Porpentine’s With Those We Love Alive.  I discovered this game through friends on social media sharing photos of their own symbols. I immediately wanted to play it, but put it off until I … Continue reading

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Saturday With Harold

Star Wars Pez Dispensers On Saturday, Harold and I went out to Winston-Salem to pick up some Star Trek toys communicators. Apparently there still are some Trek collectibles that he doesn’t own! He’d dome some kind of trade with the … Continue reading

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PanemVille: The Hunger Games Adventures

The Hunger Games novels suggest so many good games — a minigame hunting prey with Katniss’ arrows (a popular choice for the middle-school girls in my game design classes), a crafting and survival game like Lost In Blue set in … Continue reading

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