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Things I’m Not Good At: Television

Coworker: Do you watch The Walking Dead? Me: No. I heard there’s blood, yelling, and ignored children in it, so I can’t. Other coworker: So Game of Thrones is right out for you, then.

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Hey, You Guys, Sleep Is Pretty Great

So I’ve had a bit of a problem that’s made it hard to sleep, but now that problem is sorted, and I’m sleeping properly, and, you guys, sleep is the best! Did you know it’s completely amazing? And makes you … Continue reading

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Boss: Tomorrow a high schooler is coming to shadow you for a careers project. Me: Hahahaha, I’m an adult role model with a respectable career! Hahahaha!

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It’s Numbered, Too.

Harold: Oh, wow! Is this for me? Were you trying to hide this to give it to me later? Meg: No! That’s, um, that’s my Star Trek action figure that I was, um, storing in an unmarked box in the back of … Continue reading

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Circle Back

My game design class goes out to a pub after Wednesday night class. Last time I ended up talking with a woman I really admire, and talking about working in tech, and somehow got onto the subject of corporate communications. … Continue reading

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Social Gaming

It was at this precise moment when our heroine realized that she usually prefers playing videogames alone.

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Figment came to pick me up at LAX to bring me out to the resort where DEMO was being held. He made my few hours in LA even more awesome by taking me on an epic quest for all the … Continue reading

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No Punchbacks

So I’d mentally planned out a whole post about going for drinks with a really good looking filmmaker. (I mean, yeah, I was listening to him too, but I’m pretty much always thinking about blog posts on some level.) I … Continue reading

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Two Worlds Collided

Tonight was the end-of-term dance for the students, and some of the responsible adults also grabbed the chance to dance around the gym/auditorium, gossip by the water fountain, hang out with the smokers on the stairs and generally act like … Continue reading

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One Hubcap ‘Cause Three Got Stolen

I remember driving alone from Vermont back to Western Mass a few months after I’d started driving, and feeling like the trip was an object lesson in gorgeous road metaphors. The curves in the mountain roads, blind corners, broad views down the mountain, … Continue reading

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