Blog Birthday

April makes ten years that I’ve been blogging, which is longer than I’ve done just about anything. I even blogged from behind the Great Firewall of China for two of those ten years.

In honor of my decade writing my thoughts to the internet, I wandered through a lot of my old posts, and was sort of amused by what had changed. Ten years ago, I was studying classics and hoping it would turn into a career of reading Roman history all day.  I got classical history questions at work, and in class. Still really love Rome, would still happily read about the Romans all day. I just started rewatching I, Claudius and it’s still great. I’m not saying Harold wasn’t interested in British Roman backstabbery, but he wandered off for a snack during “don’t touch the figs”. I’m hoping he’ll come back when Captain Sejanus is onscreen.

I barely remember seeing Troy, but when I reread this post about how awful I thought Troy was, I suddenly remembered writing it, while sitting in the room I shared with Kristine at Castle Von Hoffman, and that made me really happy.

Ten years ago, I really didn’t have patience for kids. Still don’t. One of the nice things about being over 30 is that now when I say that I love kids but don’t want any,  people rarely tell me I’ll change my mind when I’m older. Of course, I sometimes have to hear how few years of fertility I have left before barren tragedy sets in, so there’s that.

Ten years ago, I’d just started driving, and I was quite upset when I got pulled over for nervously driving exactly the speed limit. I’ve become a bit more comfortable with driving over the last decade, but this was not the last time the boys in blue would stop me to ask why I was so nervously obeying all traffic laws. As I’ve gotten older though, I’ve been harassed less and less when I get pulled over for driving suspiciously, and in the south, this ends with polite wishes to have a nice day, ma’am.

Ten years ago, I thought it might be interesting to write a little bit about some computer games. Just, you know, for fun sometimes. Not even remotely expecting that anything would come of it.

Distantly Awesome

I work developing missions and gameplay for an MMO, which has outsourced parts of development, and marketing, and works remotely with a distant platform, and is pretty great about letting folks work remotely when necessary. Anyway, my point is that I’ve got quite a few people I consider coworkers, but I’ve never met them in person. One of these distant colleagues just sent me an account and a password for a piece of software.

The password he choose is MegRules123, although he’s never been in the office and wouldn’t know my usual password.


Figment: How’s your day?
Meg:  Um, I started to tell you that I have Optimus Prime problems but that sounded stupid.
Figment: Is this for your game?
Meg: Will be. If *long and involved situation* and *detailed time consuming issue* and *licensor concern* and *detailed development setback* ever get settled. It’s just so complicated!
Figment: Well, with a thing like that, there’s more than meets the eye.



Second Wave arrival, Melissandra “Sandy” Lutra, has begun a business offering Transformers 3: Dark Of The Moon clothes and accessories to Next Island pioneers. Her first product is a long-sleeved T-shirt, featuring the well-known Autobots symbol. The Autobot shirt is available for men and women, and colorable in-world for more detailed avatar customization. This is the first in a collection of Transformers clothes, weapons and accessories to be made available on Next Island.

“We can’t just fight papoo and look for missing Elysians all the time,” Lutra says,“Next Islanders need stylish clothing options as well!” By offering Transformers shirts, Lutra joins many Next Island entrepreneurs making a living, or even a sizable profit, as traders.

Lutra sells her wares at Crystal Center, in the gazebo near Carolines Comedy Club. Her first offering is a long-sleeved shirt with the iconic Autobots symbol, but she plans further additions to the collection when her next interdimensional shipment arrives. Her t-shirt has three fields for coloring, allowing Islanders to sport the beloved Autobots symbol and customize their style.

Transformers is a good fit for the brave, scientific spirit of the Elysians on Next Island,” First-Waver Arthur Sorensen says.“I purchased a female Autobots shirt for my, um, uh, friend, Io. I think it’s a good gift to for an attractive woman I like and respect. As a friend.”

But not everyone is happy about the new fashion options. 0574-Samuel expressed concerns that Next Islanders would become distracted from their essential Elysian missions.“I require human assistance in activating sensors in and around Crystal,” he says,“I fail to see how attractive clothing benefits this activity.”

Via Next Island | Game development |

From now on, whenever I’m asked what I do for a living, I’m going to say I write imaginary press releases for my MMO.

In other news, I’m not a waitress anymore.

Career Skills

I wrote the script for this video for work. (I also do a pretty rocking computer girl voice.) I’m not completely happy with it — I can never look at my creative projects without seeing a thousand improvements to make — but I’m glad my game has another asset. I was lucky to get my friend Tom to play the main role. I knew that eventually all my hours watching game trailers would eventually become a career skill.

Overheard in New York

Harold and I were on the train the other night, talking about the game. It was the usual post-work subway, crowded and loud when we got on, but a lull happened to fall in the car a few minutes in.

“I mean,” I said to Harold, and to the silent subway car, “Once timetravel’s working smoothly, we can move the teleporters without a lot of problems.”

They say people don’t stare at you in New York City, but I happen to know that’s a big lie.

Entropia Times Magazine

The March issue of the Entropia Times magazine is out, and the ET staff has done a beautiful job, once again. There’s a pretty awesome piece about some of the crazy things I do for a living.

After it went to press, I added killing monkeys to protect the virtual dating coach to my job description. (Not kidding.) My job is pretty awesome.

You can read the magazine online, or get the PDF.


Entirely Different

“I gotta hang up and get back to work,” I told Marcus the other day.

“Right, you have to slay monkeys and rescue new players.”

“No, no, the boars are killing newbies in this area. The talking monkeys have capitalization problems. Entirely different issue to deal with.”

“Go play your videogames, woman.”