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Things I Am Not Good At, Part 5,473

I’ve been taking 40 to work at the game studio. It’s about a 30-minute drive from my apartment,  if I don’t encounter any traffic, accidents, construction, or Mercury being in retrograde, so I have to leave pretty early because apparently … Continue reading

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Wish Bear Goes For A Ride!

Working on a new piece for Geek, in which I get to play with a model Delorean! Like any good journalist, this is what I did: Edit: Here’s the final article, with even more pictures of toys driving the DeLorean.

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With Benefits

Almost as soon as I moved back north, I got into this… situation. I hesitate to call it a “relationship” because the other party made it pretty clear that I couldn’t make any demands. We’d see each other when we saw … Continue reading

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