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In Which I Push My Feminist Agenda

Over the years that I’ve been working in games, I’ve been accused of slipping a feminist agenda into game creative. Usually this means I objected to Smurfetteing, or pinking, not that I was actually trying to sneak female empowerment into a … Continue reading

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Nancy Drew: Code and Clues

In the new iOs game Nancy Drew: Codes and Clues, tween Nancy Drew, along with her usual pals Bess and George is about to enter their robotic puppy into the school tech fair. (Sound familiar? A robotic puppy was also … Continue reading

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More Than Just A Princess

I’ve been supporting GoldieBlox since their first Kickstarter, so I got an email announcing their new video this morning. Sure, this is a product launch announcement, but it’s also about creative play for girls, fashion, and pink packages. This is part of a larger conversation … Continue reading

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What, No Glitter?

Talking to my boss about what we can offer regarding girls and coding. He sends me this photo, tells me he ordered 10,000 of them for girl students, and that I am now in charge of the related pink-technology girls-in-STEM … Continue reading

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18 to 35

I usually feel pretty good about being a woman working in games. Sure, other feminists protest, and write books, and pass legislation. Women around the world risk injury or prosecution. But my huge move for women’s equality is doing a … Continue reading

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Things I Have Learned About Games

Behind every bright pink videogame promotion is a female game dev headdesking in frustration.

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New Study: Still Shocked By Girls Playing Games

From the post Girls Got Game! A Look at Gender & Gaming, on the usually-awesome site Frisky Mongoose: First and foremost, what would you say if I told you that 60% of women that play games don’t actually consider themselves … Continue reading

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Game Review: My Boyfriend

I was way too excited for the new My Boyfriend game. I anticipated all the fun of Sim dating, plus my favorite guilty pleasure (changing my avatar’s clothes every five minutes), without all that tedious eating and sleeping and meter-watching … Continue reading

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Fashion Solitaire On The Shelf

I was so excited to see this in Target the other day! I beta-tested Fashion Solitaire in February 2008, but I was in China when the game came out so I’d never seen a hard copy on a store shelf … Continue reading

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Nancy Drew: Lights, Camera, Curses

What makes Nancy Drew: Lights, Camera, Curses! a girls’ game is the female protagonist. It’s not pink, it’s not cutesy, there are no magic animal friends, there is no shopping. Let me repeat that in case you were skimming. This … Continue reading

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