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RPGs With Chinese Characteristics

I can’t always combine my love for China and games, but right now, I’m playing two different new Chinese releases. The first is RainBlood, an indie PC RPG from developer Soulframe. It’s technically not new, but the English translation is.  It’s … Continue reading

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Graffiti With Chinese Characteristics

I’ve noticed that Beijing is really low on graffiti. There are exceptions — names and dates scratched into the Great Wall or dust-signatures on cars — but there are almost no spray-painted tags or the type of graffiti I’d expect … Continue reading

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Freedom Fries With Chinese Characteristics

I heard a rumor at school today that the Tous Les Jours bakery was picketed by anti-French groups (who apparently don’t know that Tous Les Jours is owned by a South Korean company). Anyone know if this is true? Subscribe … Continue reading

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So Much Depends…

“So Much Depends” with Chinese characteristics.

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…With Chinese Characteristics

I thought that I was familiar with the demo class as a shady recruitment policy, but my current school’s plan for a demo class might actually be a record for sketchy Chinese ESL policies. Basically, the parents are going to … Continue reading

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Daily Life With Stick

“Stick, I need to get on your computer to print my skit for class.” My skit is a brilliant adaptation of The Emperor’s New Clothes, with Chinese characteristics. “Right now? I’m in an instance!” That means fighting WarCraft bad guys … Continue reading

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Peter Pan With Chinese Characteristics

Today I had my first lesson with my gifted kids. This was sprung on me in a typically Chinese fashion, it was once mentioned in passing that I’d be team-teaching English club with Christina. When I got the details a … Continue reading

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….with Chinese characteristics.

When I took this photo, I was mentally composing a moving post about watching the change of seasons on the Yantai beach, and the weather returning to the winter weather that I saw when I arrived, and how I’ve had … Continue reading

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