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“Easy to learn, hard to master” is usually considered the gold standard for a casual game. The more time new players must spend, learning how systems and items work, the less casual and accessible the game is. (I love a … Continue reading

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Lil’ Birds

Cute and casually addictive Lil’ Birds, from Villain Games, is a free iOs game of players of all ages. This is one of those rare but wonderful times in which family friendly is not secret code for as engaging as … Continue reading

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Murlocs and Dating

Turned this up working on my portfolio. Originally written for WomenGamers.com, December 2006 I often wonder if MMORPGs are adding new friends and new activities to our social lives or replacing meaningful interaction with three-letter abbreviations. Are our on-line hours … Continue reading

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Chinese Market

A colleague on my side project (more on that later) was telling me about his side project, a marketplace app. Another of our coworkers teased him into showing me the app, because ha! It’s an entirely Mandarin marketplace app! But … Continue reading

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Ironforge Travelogue

Turned this up while working on my portfolio. Usually when I re-read things I wrote a long time ago, I cringe, but I’m still pretty pleased with this one. The assignment, for Azeroth World News, was an in-world travelogue in … Continue reading

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Palm Springs — San Fransisco

DEMO was held at a gorgeous resort, and I was completely impressed. This is, quite literally, the view from my balcony. I woke up every day completely amazed that this is my real life. (Of course, I spent the rest … Continue reading

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Game Review: Sims 2: Castaway

One day, you’re standing on the dock, waving goodbye to a friend, when you slip and fall and land in a crate, which is sealed and loaded onto a cargo ship, which is caught up in a storm and your … Continue reading

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My Boyfriend

I’m playing and reviewing THQ’s My Boyfriend DS game right now, which was funny before I even opened the game. Stick’s asked me if I like My Boyfriend, if I’m glad I got My Boyfriend, if I’m going to write … Continue reading

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Play! A Videogame Symphony

Stick and I went to Play! A Videogame Symphony at the Koka Booth Amphitheatre a few weekends ago. We joined the crazy quilt of blankets, over a carpet of drying pine needles, and unpacked our cheese, olives,  Nintendo DS, and … Continue reading

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The Awesome Party

Last night we went to Awesome Street for a party. I was a little nervous since I didn’t know anyone, but that dissipated when we arrived and saw a couple of backdoor smokers, wearing white fuzzy bunny ears. “If I’d … Continue reading

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