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The Austen Test

A couple days before my wedding (wow, I got married, that is still sinking in), my mom, my dad, Harold and I were talking about Call The Midwife. Actually, my mom and I were talking about what a great show it is, while Harold and … Continue reading

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It’s Numbered, Too.

Harold: Oh, wow! Is this for me? Were you trying to hide this to give it to me later? Meg: No! That’s, um, that’s my Star Trek action figure that I was, um, storing in an unmarked box in the back of … Continue reading

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My Internal Monologue, #4

What!?!? You’ve heard of us?! REALLY?!?!? But… you’re not my boyfriend or my immediate family member…  Wow. – Was not my actual response to hearing that someone’s got a subscription to Indie Game Mag, but I am pretty sure the … Continue reading

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How Not To Network

I’d planned to go to Casual Connect as a writer, but after I lost my job, I had a new second agenda. That’s why I was forcing myself to attend mixers, swap business cards, mention what I do, and ask … Continue reading

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Internet Trendsettr

Harold, Chip and I went to a talk at The Yard, and then walked over to a nearby hipster spot for red wine. (Oh, and food.) We were, of course, talking shop. My friend Chip thinks in URLs and apps.  … Continue reading

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Ironforge Travelogue

Turned this up while working on my portfolio. Usually when I re-read things I wrote a long time ago, I cringe, but I’m still pretty pleased with this one. The assignment, for Azeroth World News, was an in-world travelogue in … Continue reading

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Mah-Jong Themed Mah-Jong

The other night, I met Roy at a pub in our neighborhood. We ducked in from the rain, and compared electronic gadgets, which is some cultures (this one) serves as a greeting. “Wow, you have a lot more books in … Continue reading

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Palm Springs — San Fransisco

DEMO was held at a gorgeous resort, and I was completely impressed. This is, quite literally, the view from my balcony. I woke up every day completely amazed that this is my real life. (Of course, I spent the rest … Continue reading

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Social Game Smackdown

So I’ve been struggling with my love for MyTribe and the way it’s been spamming up recently. I logged on the other day, and was immediately harassed for not playing. I dislike this on a couple of levels. First, if … Continue reading

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But Honestly Monica

Like every other freelancer, I’ve heard from editors that they never pay the writers or that I should be happy to get the exposure and portfolio clips. Unfortunately for Monica, she heard this after her piece was grabbed off her … Continue reading

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