Birthday Omelette

Today is Stick’s birthday! Manfred and Xuemei invited us to celebrate his birthday with them tonight, so I cooked Stick his special birthday dinner last night. “Special” in China, that is. I made him a big hash-and-cheese omelette!

You can’t just throw a China omelette together, this is serious gourmet work! I make perfect omelettes (I worked in a diner for about a year), but just getting the ingredients here is complicated.

I got the hash from Jenny Lou’s a while ago, and the cheddar from the FuXingMen Parkson’s. Eggs and milk are easy to get, and I’m adjusting to our stove’s special temperment. I folded it up perfectly, and added birthday candles, which are really the best part.

I haven’t seen any for sale here, but by amazing luck, my Christmas box from my parents also contained a package of VAT 19 samples, which happened to have a box of lovely colored-flame birthday candles! (the other zany samples are magically expanding snow, pop up photo albums and an orange-scented pencil, but none of those really work with an omelette). Hurray! Crisis averted!

Stick only got 2 candles, so I shorted him 33, but honestly the birthday omelette just wasn’t big enough for all of them.

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0 Responses to Birthday Omelette

  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy birthday to Stick!

  2. name says:

    Happy birthday Meg’s boyfriend

  3. Anonymous says:

    oh I love jenny lous! Happy bday megs boyfriend!

  4. Gabby Girl says:

    When I lived in Fuyang, I got candles at the cake shop. I didn’t ask if they had any of the type I was used to, but they did have them. They just happened to be lotus shaped candles that shot off a stream of sparklers. It was super awesome. I have a video of it somewhere. I’ll put it up on my blog soon.

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