Cadbury Egg!

We got a package from Scep and Katie today…. guess what was in it?


(If you’re wondering what’s going on with my hair here, this picture presents firm evidence that when enough people say it’s yellow, my hair decides to play along.)

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0 Responses to Cadbury Egg!

  1. Katie Rabbit says:

    I’m thrilled that they made it to you un-melted!

    I lied to the mail clerk just for you and Stick….how will I ever sleep at night?

    CLERK: Is there any food, liquid, or hazardous material in the package?

    ME: Nope.

    PS For lack of packing peanuts, I used party blowers from Tryon’s bday and dreidels to cushion the Cadbury eggs.

  2. Meg says:

    YAY! You love me enough for mail fraud!!!

    I don’t want to finish eating the eggs because then I won’t be able to look at them anymore!

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Stick says:

    I think your hair is protesting the change from Herbal Essences shampoo to the new crap.

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