Meme Sheep #080808

There’s a Chinese Twitter meme going around now, Twitter users — I’m supposed to say “Twitterati” and not “Twits” — are adding #080808 to their icons and tweets. David Feng explains more on CNReviews, and Ryan has a collection of #080808 twitter icons.

I don’t have the awesome art skills of other people doing this meme (I’m looking at you, Ryan!), but I wanted to join the party, and add an American #080808. And what’s more American than McDonalds? (Even if is this is the one in Hohhot)

So here’s Ronald and me being meme sheep. Ba ba ba.

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0 Responses to Meme Sheep #080808

  1. Elliott Ng says:

    baaa….baaa…i am a meme sheep!

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  3. Ryan says:

    That’s McBa-tiful!

  4. flotsam says:

    . . a photo-op outside Rotten Ronnie’s. How distasteful can you get

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  8. Kevin says:

    I reread this and realized you punned in Chinese at the end. Great!

  9. Shenme says:

    Eww McD’s food. Although the final pun makes it all worthwhile

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