Wizard 101 Pictures

Yesterday the folks at King’s Isle gave me permission to post screenshots from Wizard 101. I didn’t post yesterday, because when I logged on to get some nice screens, somehow I ended up fighting trolls instead of taking pictures. Anyway! Here are the adorable stick figures from Wizard 101.

Aren’t they cute? These two are in all the margins in the game, reminding me a bit of the moving doodles in Harry Potter, and making me want to go to wizard school even more.

And here is a shot from the shopping screen. You can also pick the colors of your clothes, a feature I really love. In WoW, it’s always a tough choice between the cloak with better stats or the one that matches my hat.

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0 Responses to Wizard 101 Pictures

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  2. heather says:

    thanks for your kind comments! Things are a bit awkward, but the future is so bright I need sunglasses.

    sorry that was so cheesy, on a layover at the Hong Kong airport, free wireless!

  3. Meg says:

    Good for you!!! I know everything will all work out for the best! (Free wireless? I’m jealous!)

  4. stick says:

    Hmmm? Do those STICK figures from the game look like anyone you know?

  5. Meg says:

    I know! I already said I wanted to put glasses on the girl!

    What, that wasn’t what you mean?

  6. Helvetica says:

    The pencil drawings around the edges of maps and on some of the help materials are stuff that I really love. I don’t know — but I feel almost like the drawings on the maps change as quests are completed.

    For example, there are some mini-bosses and bosses through particular maps, when they’re beaten I notice that they’re cowering or running away… But it could just be me. I don’t pay enough attention to the periphery of the maps themselves.

  7. Meg says:

    I don’t know if they change or not, but I’ve noticed a cute sketch of our stick figure friends looking under bushes when I’m working on a collection quest.

    It really adds to the whole wizard-school theme!

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  9. the guy says:

    come check out my cool blog


  10. sup says:

    Where do you get the pioneer dragon?

  11. ham says:

    Wizard101 is or some you have got to play it

  12. ham says:

    Wizard101 is or some you have got to play it

    you have got to get your pet a aduet so it can make egg with ather aduets

  13. Meg says:

    It’s free with paid upgrades, I believe. But I haven’t played in a while!

  14. yo! in shopping district, that ice king dude, the one that is floating with an ice hammer, ye HOW DO YOU GET IN THERE!

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