Sabado Gigante

I was on Sabado Gigante this weekend! Stick thinks I should probably say that “we” were on Sabado Gigante, but you can probably guess that the guy on his knee, in the Beijing duck restaurant, proposing to me is Stick. (If you don’t want to reread the story, we ran into Don Fransisco at Da Dong Roast Duck in Beijing a few months ago, and he coerced Stick into proposing on Unavision camera.) We’ve been promising to get married in regards to car insurance, but telling our friends and family not to pressure and that it’ll happen when it’s the right time.  Don Fransisco, it seems, has some pretty serious powers of persuasion.

Stick just happened to catch it as he was flipping channels, but he managed to get most of the show TiVoed, and I’ll post it the clip once I figure out how to get it off the TV, or when someone else puts it on YouTube. If you happened to see it, the couple laughing hysterically at the whole thing are our dear friends Hugo and Diana. Actually, now that I think about it… it was Hugo who wanted to go to Da Dong and Diana who recognized Don Fransisco… I kind of wonder if they set us up!

“Hey, did you watch Stick’s proposal?” I asked Char, Stick’s stepmom, when Stick’s parents came home the next day, “It’s saved under Sabado Gigante on your TiVo!”

“That little %&$#! He didn’t really propose!” Char said. “He just said ‘I want you to be my wife’… that doesn’t count!”

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  2. Abigail says:

    One woman’s “doesn’t count” is another woman’s proposal!

    I told my husband he had to propose to me at some point. We had already picked out the rings and it was a done deal, but for whatever reason I felt stubborn about this. So, we sat in a 50s-style restaurant in a mall, having just picked out his engagement ring (I said if I got a “back off, boys” then he had to get the equivalent, too). He turned to me and said, “Hey, you want to marry me?”

    I still have no idea why that made me tear up. But, hey, sometimes romance is what you make of it.

    And at least now you have a fun story to tell people about the actual proposal. How many people can say they got engaged on Sabado Gigante? (Not me, and i actually speak passable Spanish!) And getting engaged on Sabado Gigante while in Beijing? That’s just one for the record books.

  3. Meg says:

    I’m holding out for the ring, to really be engaged, but it’s such an awesome story!

  4. Craig Jendza says:

    Very nice. It was about time that he proposed.

  5. Meg Stivison says:

    you sound like our parents :PPS can you hear Hugo laughing through that whole video?

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