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It’s actually painful for me to pass this on, since I want to win so badly. But it’s still an awesome contest:

Mashable and VisualCV have teamed up to send a Mashable reader to China in November with Robert Scoble, Shel Israel, Sam Lawrence, Christine Lu, Elliot Ng and more. Travel with this group of high-level tech entrepreneurs and leading social media influencers on a multi-city tour of China’s tech sector. Blog about your trip to China with a chance to post on the official China 2.0 Blog and maybe even have a guest post on Mashable. Don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime. Create and share your VisualCV today to have a chance to be selected as a blogger on the China 2.0 Tour in November.

Sign up here (FOR FREE), create your VisualCV and use it to tell us why you think you should be selected to go on The China Business Network’s upcoming China 2.0 Tour. Share your VisualCV with us at so we can select a winner. Good luck!

I entered yesterday, because how could I pass up the chance to go back to China and blog, without all that tedious lesson prep and going to work? I think there’s still another day left to enter, though. Good luck, and if you win, bring me back some hawthorn leather.

Via Visual CV – You Need a Better Resume (seen all over the China blogs but I believe this is the source page)

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