Line 70 is “Become Smoking Hot”

My Workout Routine

10 Go to the gym

20 Overdo workout in an attempt to cancel out unhealthy lifestyle

30 Go home achy and sore

40 Skip the gym because my stupid workout hurt me

50 Feel bad about not going recently and resolve to do a really good workout

60 Go to line 20

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9 Responses to Line 70 is “Become Smoking Hot”

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  2. Wabres says:

    Good luck.

    I would recommend sticking to elliptical climbers at first and remember to stretch.
    It’s kinda hard to get achy on them, and they’re one of the higher calorie burners at the gym I go to.

  3. Andrea says:

    Ha! Sounds exactly like my workout routine, except that instead of “Go home achy & sore”, it’s “Wake up next morning achy & sore”. Had an appt with my PT on Monday after a week off – I’m still sore today, & I have another appt for tonight. Ugh.

  4. Meg says:

    @Eric Do you mean it’s hard to get sore on the elliptical because I can’t stay on it for more that 5 minutes?

    @ Andrea I think it’s the annoying injustice of achy and sore that bothers me. Wait… trying to be healthy HURTS? F that, I’m going to sit on my butt and play some WarCraft!

  5. thetrainedmonkey says:

    I feel that my life is still in beta too. Once we get the bugs out it will be phenomenal. Look my son up on WarCraft, I’ve been trying to laugh at him for being such a nerd but while he’s playing that scary game he’s not being arrested, doing drugs or getting anyone pregnant, so I’m a fan : )

  6. Meg says:

    Oh, the old “videogames as birth control” option… 😛

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