I wasn’t going to post about this — actually, I was just going to clean up, throw away all the evidence and pretend that we’d never had a kettle, but I couldn’t get the fumes out of the house before Stick got home. Just a little whiff of noxious gas in our home, and that boy starts asking awkward questions.

It all started when I tried to boil water. Apparently, if you don’t close the whistle on a tea kettle, it never whistles, and all the water boils away and you can actually burn a hole though the metal. To add insult to injury, the useless plastic whistle melted down the side of the kettle, and  started smoking and bubbling on the burner, sending licks of odd-colored flames up the side of my poor kettle. That part set off the smoke alarm, which works a bit like a whistling kettle in the attention-getting department.

Good thing I wasn’t trying anything really difficult, like toast.

Water, metal, fire… now I just need to stupidly destroy something with earth and wood, and all my life elements will be in balance.

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  1. Gabrielle says:

    I had a roommate in China that left something boiling on the stove while she went to take a quick shower. Well, after she got out of the shower, she forgot to go and see if her food was done. I’m not sure how long it had been on the stove, but when I walked in the front door, I knew something was burning. As soon as I screamed, she remembered, and we both flew up the stairs to the kitchen to see the destruction. Thankfully, the melting/smoking pot was the only thing ruined, well, that and my air supply, and of course her meal. I’m glad you didn’t burn down your apartment.

  2. Barbasaurus says:

    I’m glad everything turned out OK, but you missed your opportunity to send a photo in to:

  3. Meg says:

    Haha! No danger of burning down the apartment… i did mention that I was in the next room the whole, time? Which makes it so much more of an epic fail.

  4. Cory says:

    Earth and wood? Get some dirt and grab Stick and go at it!

  5. Tabetha says:

    I think we have all had experiences like that. I guess we need those experiences to give us funny stories to tell our children. 🙂

    I also had an experience while making hot tea. I wrote about it on my blog I also once accidentally put a pan in the oven with a pot holder in it. Oops!!

    You know, this may be inspiration for a group writing project on my blog next month! Thanks!!

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  8. Wabres says:

    I would like to point out that you have something linked to this post that would count as wood… “All Artichoked Up”
    So, you’re closer then you thought.

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