Screwed By The Town Of Cary

We drove by this house on Maynard today. I’m just guessing here but I think someone’s unhappy.

Edit 8/6: Hi to everyone who’s finding my blog by googling for “screwed by the town of Cary!” I snapped this just because I loved the sloppy neon orange protest, you can practically hear the local Homeowners’ Association gasping in shock and preparing to draft a strongly worded complaint letter. The full News&Observer story is here.

Other local area attractions include Awesome Street, the last guy with an angry sign, and my plants that aren’t dead yet.

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  1. When they widened the road, they also raised it six feet and took out all his front yard trees, so now when it rains all the water drains into his laundry room. The city built a retaining wall to stop the problem, but it hasn't helped. He HIRED someone to spray paint that sign, and now Cary's said they'll fine him $500 every day until he paints over it because it violates their sign ordinance.

  2. Wabres says:

    And now I want to know how, or why.

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  6. pickles says:

    Well, when you purchase a house on the main artery, expect road widening. When they widen the road expect changes to your front yard. This guy got a drainage problem along with the road widening, but isn’t allowing the town of Cary to correct it. Instead he wants them to buy his house. Sorry, buddy!

  7. How sad that they couldn't work it out peacefully.

  8. Meg says:

    That seems to be what everybody says about this guy, but honestly I don’t think it would ever occur to me not to buy a house on a major road because they might widen the road, change the contours of my front lawn and that would flood my basement. Maybe if I were ever house shopping I’d research things like that — I definitely will now!

    • Dorinda says:

      It’s not always that simple. When my grandpa bought this property 75 years ago this was a dead end road. It is right now being widened to a 5 lane highway. Who knows how long he has lived there or owned that property.

  9. Meg says:

    I reread that and it sounds a bit like “Houses on a slant can flood? Who could ever have known that?!?!”

  10. Meg says:

    Just drove by tonight and he’s put up a spotlight pointing at the side of the house so no one can miss the sign!

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