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Grubby Games’ My Tribe has just been turned into a Facebook social game. I played the original My Tribe about a year ago (yeah, I know, I love desert island survival games). The goal in the new Facebook game, like in the original, is to build a flourishing island tribe, and to solve the mysterious objects on your island.

Island Paradise or the ever-popular FarmVille, require you to have friends help you. FarmVille, and other successful social games, turn guanxi into a game, creating a virtual exchange of mooncakes. In Island Paradise, the “quests” are all necessary items you can’t have unless you ask your social network for clickthrough help until you succeed. Or your friends unfriend you. Either way.

In My Tribe, you can play without help from any Facebook friends. You’ll progress faster with extra shells and stork feathers from friends, of course, and My Tribe is not all that subtle about suggesting you ask more friends to play too.  I’d love to see seed and recipe exchange in future upgrades, that would really make the social side worthwhile.  But you won’t hit a level cap if you don’t want to harass your friends into playing.

Anyway, I wrote up the solutions to the original MyTribe’s mysteries over on Thumb Gods, because the “hints” that your tribespeople give can be pretty annoying (Hmm! I bet this rusty-colored rock could sure be useful!). So, if you’re playing My Tribe, and you want to solve the mysteries on your own, stop reading here. Yes, here. This is your spoiler alert.

That cool tiki head looks ever better after you complete it. Whenever your tribe has a new baby (depending on your number of stork feathers, and therefore, on your number of friends, this might take some time), bring the baby over to play with the stone statue. This is a bit counter-intuitive because whenever players attempt to solve another mystery with children, babies or teens, a message appears that only adults can solve mysteries. Anyway, each baby plants a special new flower in one of the pots around the Easter Island face, and once the pots are all blooming, the tiki face is surrounded by a ring of flowers, and becomes a strength power-up for babies and children.

For the fountain, you’ll need a tribe member who is over 65 years old, with level 20 in science. You can just wait for a tribesmember to age — oh, wait, you’re reading the cheats for MyTribe, you probably don’t want to wait. You can use stardust on a child to increase their age by a few years. Don’t worry about aging your poor tribespeople, because once unlocked, this becomes a fountain of youth!
The red rock was an annoying puzzle to solve, because it was clear to me early on that it was iron, and my tribespeople’s silly hints about a rusty red color got annoying. You’ll need a tribesperson with a 15 or higher in both science and construction. Just like in the original MyTribe, solving this mystery will give you a bonus in work that involves tools.

To move the tree stump, you’ll need a tribe member with a physical strength of 70 or above to lift it. You can increase their strength with gems, becoming a tribal elder, or breeding. After you’ve done this, you’ll get an Ever Tree. I’m not entirely sure what this special tree does, though… Do you?

The fossil rock requires a tribesperson with level 15 in both rock gathering and science. Figuring out the fossil will give you a huge bonus in science point. It will also cause great tribal unrest, as some of your tribespeople will come up with theories of dinosaurs and evolution, while others insist that there was no life on the island before them and the fossil is just a trick put there to test their faith.

Solving the star rock is exactly the same as in the old version. Have a tribesperson who’s had an experience with stardust examine the rock, and they’ll have the brilliant idea to use stardust on the star rock. (And no, you can’t skip straight to the stardust-in-the-rock stage.) It’ll take either 3 or 4 stardusts, depending on how fast you move, and after you’ve unlocked it, it will attract more stardust to land on the island. The moon rock is exactly the same thing, but with moondust.

There’s also a sickly, leafless bush with a pink heart in the branches. I don’t know what to call it, but your tribe member with level 15 in both science and agriculture can probably tell you a good Latin name for it. I’ll call it Deciduous Roseus Cordius.  Have your skilled tribesperson examine the tree when it’s raining to solve the mystery and unlock new berry seeds. (I got Beanberry, Bossberry, Bumbleberry, Chuckberry, Niftberry, Polerberry, Riddleberry, Sketchberry, Smokeberry and Thistleberry from my new Cornucopia Bush. What did you get?)

Did I leave anything out? Let me know any other hints or tricks you’ve found.

Edit: Just added the solution to the new mysteries, Flotsam’s Call and the Jewel Vault.

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244 Responses to My Tribe For Facebook

  1. joe says:

    I have an over 65 year old scientist at level 2o but it still says I need more skill. what’s up with this? Help!

  2. Sheridon says:

    How do you get seawater? On my tribe im only level 16

  3. Katie says:

    @Joe it worked for me, maybe there’s something else like weather to include?

    @Sheridon What do you need seawater for in MyTribe on FB?

  4. Meg says:

    Yeah, it worked for me too… I’ll try it again when I get to my new island, and check.

    Are you talking about MyTribe for Facebook? I don’t know what seawater is used for or how to get it. All my recipes depend on crops, stardust and moondust. Seawater is used a lot in the original MyTribe, though.

  5. jennifer says:

    how do i make a tribal elber?

  6. Meg says:

    Hi Jennifer, A tribal elder has at least 2 points in each of the six skills.

  7. Anonymous says:

    @ Joe, Your scientist has to have level 20, and not only BE 65+, but also has to FEEL 65+. If they feel, lets say, 45, it wont work. Just let the age and refrain from using moonstones on them, as they will make them feel younger.

  8. Louise says:

    Could somebody tell me, do you still get the benefits if you move to another Island? Thanks!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have just read that you cannot create potions on the Facebook version of My tribe. So is there any point in collecting guano or mushrooms?

  10. Meg says:

    I’ve found guano, mushroom, stardust and moondust are used for making dyes. Anyone know any other uses?

  11. Angel says:

    To solve the red rock, does it have to be a single tribe member who is legendary in science and construction?

  12. Carmen says:

    What’s a level 5 elder? I have an elder who’s an expert farmer, but it still tells me I need a level 5 elder to build my shipyard.

  13. Meg says:

    @Angel Yes, one person must be level 15 in both to unlock it.

    @Carmen A level 5 elder has 5 points in each stat.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Angel says:

    Hi Meg, thanks for the help.
    Another question. To solve the ‘dying bush with a pink heart’, do I need a single tribe member to be legendary in farming & science.

  15. Rose says:

    I am trying to build a wood shed. and I have all the resources needed. But when I click on it to build, it says that I don’t have what I need. Does anyone know what the problem is?

  16. Meg says:

    @Angel Yes, you need one tribesperson with both skills for every mystery that requires someone skilled in each. Sorry if that wasn’t clear!

    @Rose Either you don’t really have your resources or you have a bug, and you should log out and log back in to reset it.

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  20. Vince says:

    I’ve noticed that when I click on a crate for my spins, I see power ups and decorations. I never seem to get them though. Has anyone else seen them or got them as a reward?? what do they do?

  21. Meg says:

    @Vince I mostly get common gems 🙁

  22. Angie says:

    Hey there is ther a way other than star dust and moon dust to hurry up the level up process??? I didn’t know that I had to have certain peeps @ certain levels to perform tasks… CRAP!!

  23. Andrea says:

    Thanks for all the hints! They’re very helpful! I’ve already solved all the mysteries on my island (the tree stump, the ancient stone, and the moai statue). Now I’m just waiting for my tribe to finish building the ark and we’ll be on our way.

    Does anyone know if you get to take the upgraded buildings with you or do you have to start from scratch on the new island?

  24. Meg says:

    @Angie Haha! I know! I wasted a lot of leveling making tribal elders instead of specialists. I don’t know any way, besides stardust, moondust and patience, to speed it up.

  25. Meg says:

    @Andrea Let us know what happens on your second island! Who comes with you, which buildings and supplies transfer!

  26. Anonymous says:

    The ever tree can be continually harvested for wood without running out. Regular trees eventually get used up and disappear.

  27. Anonymous says:

    uhhhhh which one is the mystery with the moonshaped thing in it?

  28. Meg says:

    Thanks! Good to know about the Ever Tree. I’m not sure it’s that great of an achievement, then, since you can get awards for planting a lot of saplings. Might be better to take an island with the fountain of youth or the maui face instead.

    The one with the moon-shaped cutout is the moon rock.

  29. meg951 says:

    when you go to another island, you bring all your supplies, but you can’t go back, so harvest everything before you leave and make sure you’re fully stocked, because once you get there you have to build everything from scratch

  30. Meg says:

    Good to know! thanks!

  31. Musee says:

    In the facebook version of the game, how long In “real time” does it take a tribe-member to age one year?

  32. Carrie says:

    Hi, I saw somewhere when reading different things about My Tribe that you can make your tribespeople forever young…a fountain of youth thing. Does anyone know anything about this? Is the fountain of youth one of the mysteries?
    Appreciate any help!
    Thanks 🙂

  33. none says:

    How do you unlock non tattered clothes, for example male pants.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know if you get the benefits of the mysteries you’ve solved even after you’ve left the island?
    thanks ^_^

  35. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know if you get the benefits of the mysteries you’ve solved even after you’ve left the island?
    thanks ^_^

    sorry i know i posted that twice, but i forgot to tick the ‘notify me of followups’ lol

  36. oxi says:

    lol whaen you get 1 pearl dont buy 100 science points buy 45 stars and use it on science station

  37. oxi says:

    lol srry all comments

  38. Meg says:

    You can get non-tattered clothes by finding recipes and making them or by having nice things wash up in crates.

    I’m thinking of doing another post on exactly what comes with you and what you get when leaving the island. Anyone have any advice?

    I think the pearl shop is pretty expensive but yeah, a science station is renewable, so it’s a MUCH better investment than sci points

  39. Anonymous says:

    I read that as “unlock male parts” >.<

  40. kjgorigjrhth says:

    im stuck on the tree with one leaf do you acctually need sience aswell as argicultal?

  41. Anonymous says:

    @39kjgorigjrhth Seriously, read the post.

    “There’s also a sickly, leafless bush with a pink heart in the branches. I don’t know what to call it, but your tribe member with level 15 in both science and agriculture can probably tell you a good Latin name for it. I’ll call it Deciduous Roseus Cordius. Have your skilled tribesperson examine the tree when it’s raining to solve the mystery and unlock new berry seeds. (I got Beanberry, Bossberry, Bumbleberry, Chuckberry, Niftberry, Polerberry, Riddleberry, Sketchberry, Smokeberry and Thistleberry from my new Cornucopia Bush. What did you get?)”

  42. Kenny says:

    I need help i am stuck on the steel rock one my science and construction are both over 65 and they can’t solve it! Why?????
    Please answer me.

  43. dylan says:

    yes, I believe you left something out, it was the (i forget its name) the blue rock with the moon in it- the way to solve it is to do the same thing as the sun stone except with moondust

  44. Anonymous says:

    @Dylan “Solving the star rock is exactly the same as in the old version. Have a tribesperson who’s had an experience with stardust examine the rock, and they’ll have the brilliant idea to use stardust on the star rock. (And no, you can’t skip straight to the stardust-in-the-rock stage.) It’ll take either 3 or 4 stardusts, depending on how fast you move, and after you’ve unlocked it, it will attract more stardust to land on the island. The moon rock is exactly the same thing, but with moondust.”

    (How many of the comments are from people who haven’t read the post?)

  45. Meg says:

    @Kenny The iron rock is unlocked by ONE tribesperson who has 15 or above in BOTH science and construction. Are you sure you’re using the iron rock and not the fossil rock?

    @Anonymous, don’t be mean to Anonymous! Although, kjgorigjrhth and Dylan, all your answers are in the original post…

  46. Sam says:

    It takes 8 hours for someone to grow one year. So log on about 2 times a day so you can keep track of everyone. I have a 100 year old, use 3 stardust or 2 to get to a high age. I’m planning to make a 200 year old, he will be known throughout the history of my game. 😉 Ill never let him die!!!

  47. Sue says:

    Just travelled to new island. You take all your wood and rock and can keep using them evemn though youy can’t store them,. You take all your food but it diminishes to 500 very quickly and then can’t increase until you have your food store built and upgraded. Any solved mysteries you keep and if those are on the new island it seems they are already solved. You can choise which island you go to too. You keep all your points, stars, moons , gems, dyes etc. Hope that helps

  48. caitlin says:

    You forgot the moon rock. itz like the star rock.I need help with that one

  49. caitlin says:

    oops read(red) it again never mind sorry!

  50. Mal says:

    once i used the fountain of youth on someone, can i get them to die? i want all my island to be red heads, but the one who solved it was not and i dont want her anymore.

  51. Amber says:

    You could probably make her starve to death if you had the time to keep dragging her away from the food storage.

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  54. Jennifer says:

    Once you move to a new island, it’s best not to solve the fossil rock until AFTER you have upgraded your science station.. it gives you 2mil science points, and if its not upgraded, you don’t get them all.. heh..

  55. ferretgirl says:

    how do I increase skills to level 2 and make a trible elder?

  56. Meg says:

    @Jennifer Good point! I unlocked the fossil rock on my second island but I think it would have been more valuable early on, when I didn’t have so many people with high science working on research.

    @ferretgirl You’ll need level two in each skill to make a tribal elder. You can do this with gems on clothes or by leveling up.

  57. Kinross says:

    I’m beginning to run into a major pickle, the majority of my tribe is entering into their 50’s on top of which I don’t have a good enough income of storks to get the people who can have kids to have them. Essentially I’m waiting on solving the mystery of the fountain, but unfortunately my head science lady is 67 and feels 37. Does that mean I have to wait however long it is (I still haven’t worked that bit out) for her to feel 65? What’s the average lifespan since I’m a bit screwed if all my tribe die.

  58. Meg says:

    @Kinross when they go grey, they are old enough to use the fountain. Your science lady feels too youthful — she’ll need to age to 65 again. But at least you can save your moondust for other tribespeople!

  59. Kinross says:

    That’s the other problem, I can’t manage to be online when the Moondust finally decides to arrive. I suppose I could buy some pearls and moondust but I’d rather not. So does anyone know what happens if my entire tribe is dead?

  60. Mal says:

    usually moondust falls when your on the game for 15 minutes

  61. Anonymous says:

    I solved the fountain of youth quite awhile back. I have been working on science for a long time, so I have several people in their 100’s. Once I move to another island, will I have a massive die off? I do not have the tiki head mystery on my island, so I have a few people that I have not used the fountain on, so that I will be able to solve this mystery if the old fogies keep on living.

  62. Ed says:

    For the fossil rock I was able to solve it with two(2) different islanders. I used my Master Rock Gatherer, then I used my Tribal Legend Scientist to reveal the mystery. I hope this helps.

  63. Chylde says:

    Just so you know, the Fossil Rock can be solved by two separate people, just as in the full version. Crack it open with the Legendary Rock-gatherer, then trot the Legendary Scientist over to have a look at it. No need to waste time and stardust/gems making one person a legend in both skills.

  64. Meg says:

    @Kinross, Anon — You won’t return to find an entire tribe dead! When one person dies, your game is paused until you return.

    @Ed, Chylde I used a person who was 15 in both, good to know you can solve it with 2 tribespeople to save time!

  65. carrie says:

    With the tree stump You need someone to ift it then someone else to tend to it in the rain
    The tree will then never run out of wood

  66. Crystal says:

    Is there anyway you can restart your game? The baby head mystery I didn’t find out till later, so i’m having to stock up on the feathers to get it done…>.>

  67. Val says:

    Can anyone help?
    I have the space to build an ark well within the red grid lines, all the things I need to build it but can’t put it down anywhere no matter how often I try.
    I even demolished and rebuilt my wood store to make sure there was enough room. Thanks

  68. Ed says:

    @Val Are you trying to build the Ark on the grassy patches of the island? The Ark can only be built on the beach where there is sand.

  69. Meg says:

    @Crystal Not sure. I think if all your tribespeople die off, you’ll be restarted, but that may be even more time consuming than collection stork feathers.

    @Val Yeah, I agree with Ed. You need to set the ark down on the beach where there’s enough space — a red footprint means there’s not enough room for it.

  70. jen says:

    Hey I solved the childrens Moai mystery how do I use it now, how does it act as a strength power-up? I have tried having my babies and chrildren hug it again after its solved, but their strength remains the same.

  71. Ed says:

    I’m on my third island and only have one(1) mystery left to solve, the Tiki Statue. I wanted to stop by and thank everyone who contributed to this blog, especially the blog owner, who helped me be prepare for all the mysteries in advance. I appreciate everyone’s input. Thank you all.

  72. Meg says:

    Glad we could help! Thanks for your contributions, too, Ed. I’m so pleased that this became a tip-sharing thread instead of the “YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!!!” on so many gaming forums. 🙂

  73. Kylie says:

    So. Question unrelated to mysteries. How can you birth twins if you can’t give them potions? Is it just luck of the draw now..because if so, that sucks.

  74. jen says:

    Hey I solved the childrens Moai mystery how do I use it now, how does it act as a strength power-up? I have tried having my babies and chrildren hug it again after its solved, but their strength remains the same.

    Any help would be great thanks a bunch. I am on second Island now, solving bush, iron rock, and fountain, but still wondering about tiki head and how it works

  75. Asher says:

    i am more than half finished the mystery where you place newborns on to create flowers. if i move before i complete the circle of flowers, do i lose what i have so far? i don’t think i can have that many more babies as i do not have the fountain of youth and my tribe keeps aging (and just used 100 feathers to create one baby) and so i keep using moondust on them but i need moondust and stardust before i can move.

  76. Asher says:

    HELP: i have an imac at home and have played at home but most of the time am unable to visit friends and lately can’t even play myself. comes up with error code. i use safari and firefox. but at work, with a PC, i have zero problems with anything (windows internet explorer). does anyone else have this problem? does anyone know how to fix it?

  77. lane says:

    how do you solve to tecke dude ?

  78. Anonymous says:

    I was just wondering, I’m about to set sail from my island, I solved the fountain of youth, so I was wondering if my people are going to age now or if they are still going to be young?

  79. Ed says:

    I came back to read through some of the older questions and I came up with a proposed solution for how to start the game over. IF it is true that the game will start over when all tribe members are dead, then the easiest way to kill them off would be to make them go to sleep in a hut, then destroy the hut with them in it. I believe that would also be a possible solution for the person above who asked how they could make only Redhead tribe members. If anyone tests this theory and finds it to be true, could you please report back to us here so we know whether it works or not.

  80. Krisstofer says:

    So when I move to a new island will there be new castaways or am I stuck with all my old tribe people?

  81. Jessika says:

    just tried that ED. didn’t work. my tribes member just ended up pissed off that someone disturbed his nap.

  82. Carol says:

    I accidently killed a tribesperson by chabginbg their clothes and I forgot to add gem boosts to them before clicking okay. This might work for the girl that wasnts the red heads only island

  83. Carol says:

    sheesh typing in the dark sucks. I gave a tribesperson a new outfit and did not add gam boosts before hitting okay. When it went back to the game there was a toombstone.

  84. Mal says:

    the hut thing doesnt work. they just walk right out with a frown. and the clothes thing doesnt make sense. was the person old?

  85. Carol says:

    she was 115

  86. Carol says:

    the tombstone said here lies lilly master wood gatherer that died of natural causes at the age of 115

  87. Meg says:

    I don’t think you can off people by destroying their huts (You are all TWISTED and SICK to try it!) but I imagine they would die off without houses or food. I don’t want to hurt any of my little islanders, but if you evil dictators give it a try, let us know how it turns out!

    I also don’t know what you’re talking about with changing the clothes, unless there was some kind of long-life gem attached? All my people have had a drink from the Fountain of Youth so they’ll not ever die of old age.

    @Kylie Twins seem to be totally random now 🙁 but if you find a way to make it happen more often, let me know!

    The tiki head worked for me as soon as it was filled with flowers.

    @Krisstofer You’ll have all your same tribespeople with you on your second island.

  88. Anonymous says:

    My son has an island with tribe members and he has never fed them or anything but they still dont die off. I think that no matter what it will keep a few people on the island to keep it going even if they just stand around starving.

  89. Libby says:

    how do you make the older people feel older? I tried using stardustb and it just doesn’t work. Tell me ASAP!!!

  90. Mal says:

    then it was probably because her physical strength was decreased when you changed her clothes. strength makes them live longer. thats why its better to make everyone tribal elders and keep everything equal than specializing in one thing because you can up their strength when they are tribal elders and it makes them live longer and level up faster than someone who is specialized.

  91. Mal says:

    and there is no way of making old people feel older, just younger, you have to let them die on their own time. believe me, ive tried.

  92. Desiree says:

    Love the game, but am wondering if there are faster ways to get the moon/stardust? I need 58 stardust and 17 moondust to be able to build my ark…I don’t have the option to build an observation tower, and I only have 2 pearls…

  93. Jessika says:

    do i have to finish the Moai Statue before I move to a new island? will i loose all my progress if i move before it is finished? thanks for the help here!

  94. Anonymous says:

    Hi. I just wanted to point out that I solved the Fossil rock mystery thing with one person with 15 science skill, and another person with 15 construction skill. It wasn’t just one member with both 15 science and 15 construction. Just so everyone knows!

  95. Anonymous says:

    @Jessica Yes, when you move to a new island, you won’t take your mysteries and there’s no way of returning, so it’s best to complete the mystery before moving on.

  96. Desiree says:

    Yay! Just got my Ark started…still working on getting my last mystery solved for this island – the red stone. I have my little worker bee getting her science skills up, and then we are outta here. I know my current people won’t age, but will they be able to take the Fountain of Youth with them when we go??

  97. Wanderer says:

    Do you keep the Ark when you go to other islands? Or are you stuck there until you rebuild everything?

  98. Meg says:

    @Desiree The only I’ve found of increasing stardust / moondust stores is to be stuck on a boring phone call with MyTribe open 🙂 There are no more observation towers and it is quite expensive to buy them with pearls.

    @Jessika Anon is right, you won’t take any half-completed mysteries with you. You will still have the benefits of previous mysteries though.

    @All I’ve done a second post on what happens when you leave your island

    Also you can add me on FB so we can help each other’s islands.

  99. Katy says:

    I have a question, I have the Maoi Children’s statue but I didn’t look up game hints until way too late…Do you think if I let some of my older tribes people die, the number of stork feathers needed to create new babies would decrease?? I’m tempted to try…..but it feels a little like murder! 🙂

  100. samantha says:

    Im on level 19 on mytribe (facebook) and on my island I have a bush, a stump and a star rock thing which I completed! I need a way to get my tribe to have high strength..any suggestions?

  101. Julie says:

    Hello everyone,

    I think that if you want your tribe people that drank from the fountain to grow old again, just make them drink from the fountain a second time. I have not tried it yet, it is just a theory.

  102. Meg says:

    @Samantha Just keep making tribal elders and using gems to increase strength, and use your high-strength tribespeople as parents.

  103. Marina says:

    amazing hints!!! thank you! no other cheat things gave me hints for the facebook version!!

  104. Yumi says:

    hey meg might be too late to ask and share my pain. i need a tribal elder lvl 5 and i have one ready to die. what can i do to keep her alive so that i can keep on making her tribal elder.

    also i have this problem all of my people die fast and they just can’t reach lvl 15 so that i can unlock the mysteries so it is pretty much about age. i don’t have the fountain mystery to keep them young so please help help help :/

  105. Ed says:

    @Yumi Use Moondust on the tribe member that you want to make younger.

  106. Anonymous says:

    yeah without the fountain, you need moondust

  107. Meg says:

    Wow, over 100 comments on this post! I think this makes me blog-famous now!

  108. Laurel says:

    I just love this game. And i love the fact that it is on facebook.

    I’m stuck on the tree stump. I had someone who has a physical strength of 72 to lift the stump. Now its just a little sapling. I have tried having a farmer to take care of it but it fails. It says something like the ground around the sapling is parched, then says something like the ground is dry.

    What should i do now?

  109. -Val says:

    I went to another island and built a ship yard.
    It’s there, I can see it however ‘quest’ is asking me to build another has anyone else this problem?

    Has anyone been having a problem with gems and clothing from the crate. Several things have not appeared in my supplies.Including, very annoyingly the 3 of the higher rated items.

  110. josh says:

    does anyone else keep track of the genealogies of their tribespeople? I do, and have noticed that:
    a. twins seems to be hereditary. i’ve had two sets of twins, and the second pair were born to a member of the first pair.
    b. if you’re trying to make smarter and stronger babies, it works better if the tribespeople are not related. My younger tribespeople are pretty inbred at this point and even if they both have high mental and physical points (like in the 50s) when they reproduce the children only come out with 30s
    c. blonde and red hair are not recessive like in real life

  111. Michael says:

    if you dont finish a mystery then you dont have to start over just because you move to another island, also i turned one of my girls and one of my guys into level 10 tribal elders and just used them to have really strong kids.

  112. Rita says:

    I know this doesn’t really have anything to do with the article, but I read someone comment asking if anyone ever gets the decorations or power ups. I realized the poster was right, I’d always seen them but never gotten them.

    Well unluckily, I then proceeded to get two decorations in a row, one recipe for ‘red picnic blanket’ and one ‘starfish’. They’re useless. They just take up ground space but don’t do anything. You can hide them though. I’m sure a power up would have been interesting though.

  113. Christina Marie says:

    Regarding the crates, I’ve gotten seeds, recipes, raw resources, gems, and decorations.. I agree with previous statements, decorations are pointless.. I got a volleyball and it just sits there.. At first I though my tribe members could play with it, but they can’t.. Regarding the raw resources, I’ve gotten wood and several pieces of silk (all were dyed, no raw), and some-type of berry..

  114. lorraine says:

    hi 🙂 i was wondering how could i get more stones? is it possible? i mean, we can get woods from saplings right? what about stones? hmm. and if i make a baby (lol) it always says a younger member of the tribe should do the “baby-making”. but i have NO younger member of the tribe! theyre all aged above 60! should i use moondust? does that help? 🙂

  115. Rita says:

    @ Lorraine
    That happened to me too and I got a bit scared that I would never be able to make more babies but yes, moondust helps. The game actually told me to try moondust. I think the person has to be in their forties as a max.

    I was also wondering about the stones. I noticed that my woods were being depleted but I could always just plant more saplings. IS there a way to bring more rocks onto the island?

  116. elayne says:

    what is the maximum population? I’m at my second island have 30 people and now it’s telling me my island reached maximum population…I thought it was 50!

  117. RachelRazor says:

    OKayy so I’ve solved all mine for this island except for the stump. I had the guy lift it, but now theres a little baby sapling, but when I try to get my farmer to farm it and help it grow, it says somthing like “Micheal tries to tend to the sapling to help it grow, but the soil around it is unnaturally parched. Micheal is scared of damaging it if it’s tended to while the ground is so dry…”
    And no matter what I do, it won’t grow. What do I do? I’ve been looking everywhere but I still havnt found it anywhere, no one tells me how!
    Please help!

  118. Christina Marie says:

    The fact that it uses the word “parched” hints that you need water.. I would suggest trying during a rainstorm…

  119. Lemoneyes says:

    Hey! I noticed that under some of the dyes I currently have it says “Bonus: none” When it’s highlighted, does that mean some dyes give the clothing a bonus and if so–which dyes work best. Thanks!

  120. Ed says:

    @RachelRazor Use your High Level farmer, during a rainstorm to get the sapling to grow. Christina Marie was right.

  121. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the help, everyone!

  122. chris says:

    the red rock of iron ore you need 2 have a tribes person on 15 science and constuction.the fountain 15 sciance and be 65 + yo,the ever tree u need 2 have 74 pysical strenth and then you need 2 wait till a rain storm and then put that person onto it.the rock with the moon put moon dust onto a member and place him onto it and then fill the remianing with moon dust .same for the star 1.
    STONE HEAD WITH POTS – you need lots of infants, place of them on the head and they with plant flowers, when solved keep putting infants on head as the get an increase in strength
    TREE WITH PINK HEART – you need a tribe member with level 15 in both science & agriculture , place them on the tree when it rains
    STONE HEAD WITH POTS – you need lots of infants, place of them on the head and they with plant flowers, when solved keep putting infants on head as the get an increase in strength
    FOSSIL ROCK – you need a tribe member with level 15 in both rock gathering & science

  123. chris t says:

    the red rock of iron ore you need 2 have a tribes person on 15 science and constuction.the fountain 15 sciance and be 65 + yo,the ever tree u need 2 have 74 pysical strenth and then you need 2 wait till a rain storm and then put that person onto it.the rock with the moon put moon dust onto a member and place him onto it and then fill the remianing with moon dust .same for the star 1.
    STONE HEAD WITH POTS – you need lots of infants, place of them on the head and they with plant flowers, when solved keep putting infants on head as the get an increase in strength
    TREE WITH PINK HEART – you need a tribe member with level 15 in both science & agriculture , place them on the tree when it rains
    STONE HEAD WITH POTS – you need lots of infants, place of them on the head and they with plant flowers, when solved keep putting infants on head as the get an increase in strength
    FOSSIL ROCK – you need a tribe member with level 15 in both rock gathering & science

  124. chris t says:

    soz 4 postin twice ppl

  125. Christina Marie says:

    Actually, for the Fountain of Youth you have to be level 20 in science..

  126. Jessica says:

    I do not know if this will be of any help to any one……
    If you are LOW (under 6)on Moondust and all your people are getting a bit up in age…. if you let them ALL age over 45 or 50 (whatever age that they can not have kids) when you load the game it will tell you that your tribes people are too old to have children, try to use moondust on them….. if you use all of it (on only one sex…. either all men or all women) and then go visit a neighbor or reload the page it will give you the same message and 2 FREE moondust……
    I hope that I am making sense I know that it may not be a problem for some of you but I have a serious problem with the age thing…. it will get away from me and one of them will die, so I found a REALLY easy way to make all of one sex 19, and one of the other sex under the breeding age..

  127. katie says:

    how do u make a potion

  128. Christina Marie says:

    I’m pretty sure that in the Facebook version you cannot make potions.. I’m not sure, seeing as I’m not as experienced as some other people on here, but from all that I’ve seen, I don’t think you can..

  129. anonymous says:

    Do you still keep all the decorations when you move islands like the holiday fireworks and golf balls? Thanks.

  130. Meg says:

    @ Katie I think the potions were only for the Big Fish version, I haven’t seen any way to make them on FB. Then again, it still says “beta” so maybe they’ll be added later on.

  131. Cl0v3r says:

    hi i was wondering when u sail to a new island do all your decorations and everything else go with you?

  132. Anonymous says:

    how do you get the ever tree to grow??? can anyone help?

  133. Anonymous says:

    to get the tree stump to grow. You need to use a tribesperson with over 70 in physical skill.

  134. Anonymous says:

    can anyone tell me what buildings become available to build once you research level 3 in Architecture please?

  135. Cl0v3r says:

    to get the tree to grow u have to get a farmer to tend to it while its raining

  136. joanne says:

    hey ive just build the great ark if i go to a new island can i come back to the one im on now please help thanks

  137. bex says:

    ok so i have reached max pop with my kid statue half done. so for the first time in my life i am ready to commit murder. how long dose it take to starve a tribes person to death and is there any way to Mark the ones you want to die

  138. Rita says:

    OH NO!
    Now I REALLY wish I’d read this article BEFORE starting My Tribe. Some of the choices I made were pretty dumb… and I wish I could reset, but there’s no way. See this is my problem, I didn’t have a Tiki Head on my first island, which would have been useful as I now have to use 60+ feathers for a new child and I’m on my second island which also has no Tiki Head. I also didn’t want the stupid stump… but my second Island has one of those. Third, I got the Fountain of Youth unlocked on my first Island and made everyone drink from it. Now on my second island, there’s no fountain so I can’t reverse the effect. I’m stuck in a place I don’t want to be in… I don’t know where my head was when I was making some choices. There DEFINITELY needs to be a reset button.

    Anyone have any suggestions for me?

  139. Anonymous says:

    it’s frustrating that that’s no reset, becuase by the time you figure out what you should have done, it’s too late

  140. aliyah says:

    how do you make twins on my tribe on facebook

  141. ali says:

    Yeah. On my island i didn’t know about the tikihead till i was far into the game, and a also didn’t know that you could breed people with high mental and physical strength and get people with high mental and physical strength.

  142. Maddie says:

    How do you get expirience in stardust???????????

  143. Cap'n Jackass says:

    I have run into a population cap on my island. I have 30 people and it tells me I cannot have any more. Is this a lack of huts or a lack of space on the island?

  144. Jenna says:

    One of my tribe members pull the tree stump out of the ground but what am I supposed to do know because it wont allow my tribe members to make it grow because it says the ground is unnaturaly parched. What do I do??

  145. joanne says:

    hey ive just build the great ark if i go to a new island can i come back to the one im on now please help pease help me thanks

  146. Meg says:

    @Aliyah Twins seem to happen randomly

    @Ali I know! wish I could start over in a lot of ways.

    @Maddie Not sure what you mean by experience in stardust?

    @Cap’n It’s a game population cap — more huts and/or a different island won’t help, unfortunately.

    @Jenna The dry ground is a clue. Someone needs to tend it while it’s raining.

    @Joanne Once you leave, you can never come back. More hints for a second island are available here

  147. tyloomsew says:

    if you use a gem to make some one a tribal elder and take it off you can give the another boost!!!!

  148. tyloomsew says:

    my 452 year old feels 18 how???

  149. Cap'n Jackass says:

    Hm. That is unfortunate. I wanted to keep a perfect record for having my people all still alive but I’m in the middle of filling that tiki-head so I suppose I’ll let a few of them age and die.

    GOOD NEWS THOUGH! When I moved to a different island, I didn’t lose any of the flowers that were already sprouted on the Childrens’ Moai. I thought I would have to start all over again.

  150. Me says:

    how can i tell what level my tribes people are?

  151. MG says:

    @Me you click on the tribesperson you want to view the stats on then click details under their picture on the right. The level for all of the different careers will be in the blue stars on the bottom half. All people start out with level 1 on everything. You can level up around once every day by clicking the blue + over the person’s head, you then pick which career to level up on.

  152. TONJA says:


  153. Cheese says:

    ever tree doesnt do anythin 🙁 just never runs outa wood! DUMM!!

  154. anoymous says:

    it KINDA works. I still dont get hous to solve the stup or the fossil thingy. i am on level 19 and i cant figure out how!

  155. Haley says:

    When you are trying to build your ark, you have to have a tribal elder who is on level five on everthing, right. Well can they be past level five on somethings or will that not work

  156. Sue says:

    so the ever tree… you don’t need to preserve it i guess…
    but the tribe still has to do the work of continually chopping wood to replenish stores…
    & here I was all excited that they didn’t need to chop wood anymore!!!

  157. Sue says:

    does anyone know what happens when you solve all 7 mysteries?
    is there a part 2 to the game or is it just game over??
    Island #
    Gale Atoll

  158. mystery girl says:

    thanks for the tips but it takes a real long time i have been trying and trying but thanks anyway. 🙂 🙁

  159. Samantha B says:

    How to solve the newest mystery? They just updated and put a new mystery out there, anyone solve it yet?

  160. wizardwarior3 says:

    hey any news on how to solve the new 9th mystery??

  161. Theraisa K says:

    For the newest mystery (Floatsam’s Beacon?) you need to get a recipe for a torch from a mystery crate/barrel then craft 4 torches and place them in the 4 holes surrounding the mystery object. They’ll burst into flames and increases the number of crates/barrels that come to your island including decreasing the time it takes for silver crates/barrels to appear.

  162. wizardwarior3 says:

    Thanks a bundle!! 🙂

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  164. Pingback: Simpson's Paradox » MyTribe’s New Mystery

  165. Ben says:

    Hey guys great info, i have a couple of questions. Some buildings say i need level 5 trible elder how do i get that i do have a elder. And whoever plays on facebook please add me so we could work together

  166. Sue says:

    hey ben
    you need to leave contact details so we can add on face book

    when you leave your island the evertree does not go with you!!

  167. Sue says:

    oh yea,
    get your tribe members to a level of 5 on all of the skills
    that will make them a level 5 tribal elder

  168. Misty says:

    Does anyone know yet how to solve the 10th mystery???? The blue one with the gems????


  169. Sue says:

    need more friends for the tiki head…
    now need 100 stork feathers for baby making…still need 8 flowers for tiki head
    Sue Palethorpe on facebook
    the one with the sunflower pic…
    need more friends or this will take… 110 years in reality not just in mytribe!!

  170. Val Speed says:

    New puzzle (Jewels)Pull your tribe members on it and it will take the jewels you added to their clothing

  171. Meg says:

    Hi all — I have the solutions to Flotsam’s Call and the Jewel Vault here:

    Hope this helps!

    And feel free to add me:

  172. Sammi says:

    Hey all,

    am wondering about getting tribe numbers up once everyone is past a certain age…do you just use moondust? Sorry if this question has been asked and answered already.

    Feel free to add me, I am in real need of more stork feathers like everyone!

    Only I don’t know what my facebook profile address is! But it’s Samantha Marks and it’s the profile pic with the little cartoon girl wearing sunglasses (Lola, for those of you in the UK, will know)

  173. joanne says:

    hello does any1 know how to do the mystery the one that like a waterfall with what i would say looks like a fish thanks

  174. A says:

    I have a couple problems:
    1. I have a scientist that’s level 24 in science, and she’s 84, but I foolishly used moondust so that she feels 50, will the fountain thing still work? Because so far, it’s not.
    2. I have the Iron Rock, and she has 4 agriculture, would I have to get her 11 more Agri. before she can discover the rock? Because that would mean 11 more levels and she levels up in like 2 days, and I ran out of Stardust. I also used up gems on all her clothing. =(

  175. Misty says:

    Does anyone know how to solve the newest mystery?? The branchless tree growing out of the gray pot??? Thanks!!!

  176. CHELSEA says:

    Ive just read on ur tips on how to solve the mistory on the fountain i dragged my baby to it and it just keeps popping up that message so i dont understand how to do it :/

  177. Anonymous says:

    @ Chelsea There are no babies in solving the fountain.

    “For the fountain, you’ll need a tribe member who is over 65 years old, with level 20 in science.”

  178. morgan says:

    how do you make twins ?

  179. Sierra says:

    How do I solve the tiki? all of my tibespeople are too old except for one of my tribespeople, Stephanie, and i dont have enough moondust

  180. Meg says:

    @Morgan They’re random, as far as I know. Anyone else know differently?

    @Sierra You need babies, lots of babies — I don’t know any other way to unlock the tiki.

  181. Nicole says:

    What about that retarded rock thing that you have to decorate? I’ve got 3 out of the 4 decorations, but I can’t figure out what it wants for the last one. Do the front and back decorations have to match? I know you can’t use a back decoration for the front, though.

  182. joanne says:

    hello does any1 know how to do the mystery the one that like a waterfall with what i would say looks like a fish !!!!!!

  183. Sue says:

    Hey guys
    if you build an ark & take only 5 people to your new island your first island will have room for more population!!
    I actually have a 3rd island now…
    If you start a 2nd island you need way less stork feathers so you may want to hold off on the tiki head for your second island… that is if you have 2 islands… don’t take all your members with you or you will have the same problem as population can only be 30 on any island!!
    When your islanders split up you take powers with you but not resources.

    hint on the new mysteries… try fertilizing your friends tree in a box!!
    don’t forget to have a high agriculture tribe member tend to it as well!!

  184. Meg says:

    @Joanne, Nicole Which mystery do you mean?I know how to solve the withered tree / friendship’s bloom, the jewel vault, the cloning station, and flotsam’s call. Is that all there are so far? Or do you have some I haven’t seen yet?

    @Sue Thanks! I’m thinking of doing a new post or an addition to my second island post about having multiple islands. Any strategy advice you want to share?

  185. Sue says:

    1. when your 5 islanders move away they don’t take anything but the clothes on there back..
    2. they still know all of the recipes
    whatever you do build a set a fisherman & build a hut for sleeping as soon as you get to your new island.
    3.If they have been in the fountain of youth & are 40 or under they can still make babies but need many many less stork feathers on the new island
    4. If you have a mystery on the new island that you have already solved it is still solved
    5. The original tribe still build science points for you.
    6. If you are gathering stork feathers.. the island you leave home to visit friends from is the one that collects them… not all of your islands, so you have to be strategic here.

    Will let you know more as I think of them..

  186. joanne says:

    fountains water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  187. Misty says:

    How do you solve what I think Meg referred to as the cloning station??? It has what looks like a door and blocks on top… Thanks!!!!!

  188. STrawberry says:

    how do you solve the new mystery with the ice cubes on top

  189. Misty says:

    Strawberry, you have to inspect it on your island and then find 3 friends that have it on their islands and inspect it on theirs for a total of 4 inspections. It has to be 3 different friends.

  190. Misty says:

    add to last comment…
    When solved it is a cloning station that you can use to clone tribe members for 5% less stork feathers than having babies the old fashioned way.

  191. Dorota says:

    Hello. I have a little problem.. 🙁 I need a tribe person with black hair. What combination of hair colours can give me black hair? Does anybody know that? Please!

  192. Stephanie says:

    I need help with the withered do u solve it

  193. Dino says:

    For the person who only wants all redheads, if you want the unwanted tribe member to die off, just have them drink from the fountain again-it will make them start aging again.

  194. Meg says:

    Hey guys! Finished a new one on the withered tree/ Friendship’s Bloom! Cloning station going up tomorrow.

  195. Audrey says:

    I have a new mystery on my second island with what looks like a half built sand castle with different markings on it. I thought I was supposed to build flags for it, but when I did they did nothing…HELP:(

  196. Cap'n Jackass says:

    Flower-Tree thing … has to be fertilized by a neighbor and then tended by an agriculturist, though this gets a little irritating as one goes on. Each time you tend it again, you must me two levels higher in agriculture than the previous prerequisite. Eventually, to finish it, you’ll have to hit level 30 in agriculture.

    Now it says here that to get the cloning business, one has to examine it, and then find it on three other islands … but examining it on my island does NOTHING and I have no way to do anything to the others on neighbor’s islands. More information, please.

    All right, and for the finish. We now have a purple spire with a star indentation on the side. Around it are small circles not unlike the flower pots ’round the tiki. I added stardust to the spire and it filled in the indentation. Adding a tribe’s person to that granted me a crystal growth in one of the pots.

    Still trying to work out how to get more to show up. Repeating this action makes the crystal vanish. Repeating with a different person makes it vanish. Adding stardust to the people and having them try it isn’t getting results either.

  197. Cap'n Jackass says:

    Oh and Audrey … Flotsam’s Call requires the production of torches, not flags. Easier to make as well.

  198. Cap'n Jackass says:

    Okay. Sort of answered my own question with a bit of poking and prodding about adding new people.

    CLONING STATION! You aren’t able to interact with it until there are enough of them on neighboring islands to complete it.

    PURPLE STAR SPIRE! I think this is a once a day thing. Put stardust in the crystal, drop an islander on it. If you do it too soon, however, you lose a crystal.

  199. Stephanie says:

    I need a blonde idk how to get one. thats the only hair color i need for that one mystery

  200. Stephanie says:

    I need some friends from here that actually play this game…my FB friends dont rlly play like me and dont have the mysteries neone wanna add me. look up stephanie crisi

  201. Jenni says:

    What if I only have 5 friends that want to play my tribe on facebook and I need 3 more for the cloning station. Anyone have it on their island and want to add me???

  202. Sue says:

    which mystery do you need the hair colour for??

  203. Cap'n Jackass says:

    I second the hair color question. Is that the Purple Spire one? I’m going to try it.

  204. Cap'n Jackass says:

    Oh, and Jenni, if you put your Facebook URL up other people can add you from this blog by following the link.

  205. Cap'n Jackass says:

    PURPLE STAR SPIRE! It IS the hair color thing! Hair colors include: Blonde, strawberry blonde, auburn, red, light brown, brown, dark brown, black and … I’m thinking gray … or dropping a baby on it. If someone would like to try this first and give us an affirmative answer … I have six of the nine crystals and would rather not mess it up for an experiment. Oh, and one also must put a star into it before each application.

    I don’t know what it does once completed, but I’m hoping for crazy hair colors.

  206. Meg says:

    @Jenni, Stephanie, and everyone else looking for more MyTribe friends: You can FB friend me at or leave your FB link so others can add you.

    @Cap’n Jackass: Completing the star spire randomizes hair color and skin color of everyone on your island. I don’t THINK it gives you any purple or blue hair… would be awesome to see a potion or something for that!

    ALSO when I wrote about solving the withered tree/friendship’s bloom I said that it could only be fertilized by one friend per day, but now I don’t think it resets daily, more it resets when your agri. tribesperson checks it out. Anyone else noticing this?

  207. Sue says:

    re: withered tree/friendship’s bloom
    you are right meg
    your islander has to tend to the tree between each fertilization
    I have a friend who seems to have quit & I can’t fertilize again until their islander has created a bloom by tending it!!

    I would love purple hair too!!
    cool ideas
    hope someone from the powers that be is watching your threads!!

  208. Dino says:

    I apologize if this has already been answered but I didn’t see it-how do you solve the crystal structure mystery? Thanks!

  209. Kimmy says:

    I found out that you can’t have more than four islands at a time until you reach level 75.

  210. Someone says:

    Hey, I was wondering, how long does it take in real-life to have a person age one year???

  211. Awesome Person says:

    Sorry if it had already been answered, but i was also wanting to know how long it took in real-life for a person in My Tribe to age one year.

  212. CARA says:

    Can anyone tell me how I get a child with black hair to complete the Polymorph Obelisk on the facebook version. That colour is the only one I’m missing and can’t keep having random children at 120+ feathers a time!

  213. Meg says:

    Yeah, the hair-colors one is a bit difficult for me too, because I’d bred for black and dark brown hair and then dressed everyone in white to make Romans! (Shut up.) They’ve had a couple random redheads so far but no blondes. And I have to wait for someone to age enough for grey!

  214. Squizzles says:

    When you sail to a new island, do you keep all your stuff or do you have to start from scratch??? Like for example, when i sail to a new island, will i still have my fully upgraded wood and rock supply??? Help!!

  215. Twins :) says:

    I’ve seen people get twins on My Tribe, and I wanted to know if you get twins randomly when you “call the stork” or if you have to do something in specific to get twins. Please help!!

  216. Meg says:

    I don’t know how to get twins in the first place, BUT I’ve noticed that twins are more likely to produce twins when they call the stork.

  217. Twins :) says:

    Thankss. And also, im just about to sail to a new island, and im wondering if i get to keep all my things like my huts and storage places or if i have to build new ones and upgrade them.

  218. Anonymous says:

    i have a mystery which looks like a stone oven with crystals on the top. do u know how to solve it?

  219. i need friends that have the oven lookinhg thing with crystal’s on top. Please type in Audrey Eichel and put in the personal message “MY TRIBE” Thanks” 🙂

  220. NEEDY says:

    i just moved to a new island and i got a whole new set of mysteries. I can’t figure out what this new mystery is :/ when i put my people on it it says “-name- examines that mystery closely. -name- sees symbols for crates, barrels, and fire. -name- also notices four strange holes in the ground” HELPP MEEE!!!!

  221. sampson says:

    do you know anything about the statue with the 3 people? i managed to get, like, 3 gems to appear, but i fogot how i got it to happen. can you help?

  222. iMrAn says:


  223. Meg says:

    I have a whole other post on second island stuff – hope that helps — but they’re introducing lots of new mysteries to keep it interesting!

  224. Mal says:

    so i got the first gem aligned on my first island but now that im on my second one i cant get the second one to align. what do i need. (for the cloning machine). and for the star crystal one with hair colors, is that all it does is give you random hair colors? because that is pretty stupid.

  225. dreamer says:

    actually for the iron rock you just need 15 in science and 15 in something else it doesn’t have to be construction mine was wood gathering.

  226. dreamer says:

    for the cloning machine you need to visit other islands (your friends) who also have the cloning machine and inspect it and then go back to your island and inspect yours again.

  227. Anonymous says:

    how do you get the torch decoration recipe btw? only crates and barrels? or is there another way?

  228. CHARLENE DONG says:

    i need friends that play my tribe.
    Friends to help me solve mysterys.
    I will do the same in return.
    Charlene Dong

  229. Grace says:

    wow, how many purls to make a ship yard?

  230. joanne says:

    hey how do the ever tree it keep saying ” try making this bloom with help from friends and progressively skilled farmers”

  231. Anonymous says:

    Ssm! One of my tribe members is OVER 200.. but I havent solved the fountain of youth yet.. Im just needing my 200 year old to stop feeling 64 and start feeling 65 haha!!

  232. smurfy says:

    plz help how can i level up really quickly

  233. Quynnithin says:

    I’m sorry if i’m being stupid and not reading the artical right, but on my Island i have the Baby Tiki (wich i am on the way to solving) the star stone (which has been done) and a statue. The statue is of a mother and father collectivly holding a baby *kinda thing* and i have unlocked 2 hints. One- Try dropping a woman on this mystery. I did that and every woman said “NAME beleives this statue represents a nice large family! She would love to have a large family someday” then i got the next hint–You’ll need several mothers to complete this mystery. I put a mother on the statue (mother of twins) “NAME beleives this statue represents a nice small family. Caring for her children can be hard work sometimes but she loves them” I don’t have the 3rd hint. But after awile it said “NAME beleives this statue represents a nice famley… *i can’t remember the rest* then a little gem appered in a bowl by the bottom… This has happened 2 times and there are 3 more bowls… Do i have to get 3 more moms?!?!

    • Anonymous says:

      I read that for the family mystery you need a mom of one child for the first stone, a mom of two children for the second stone, a mom of three children for the third stone, etc, etc, etc. And each one has to be a different mom. I’m working on #4 now.

  234. dawn says:

    how about some pic’s of mysteries? just started a new island and do not know the name of one and cannot find it on other hint/cheat sites.

  235. Fantastic goods from you, man. I have be aware your stuff prior to and you are just too magnificent. I actually like what you have got right here, certainly like what you are stating and the best way in which you are saying it. You make it entertaining and you continue to care for to keep it smart. I can not wait to learn much more from you. This is really a tremendous website.

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