One Falls For Each Of Us

I have a lot more to say about IndieCade, but this moment really captures the weekend.

Saturday night was Brenda Brathwaite’s tearjerking discussion of her new project, One Falls For Each Of Us. This is a game, well, I don’t think game is the word I want, but an interactive experience based on the Trail of Tears. (I talked about Brathwaite’s Train on ThumbGods a while back, a similar one-of-a-kind game/experience based on the Holocaust.) She talked about her inspirations for One Falls For Each of Us, and showed slides of her pieces in progress, 50,000 (not hyperbole) meeples stained brown. As a teacher, I was focused on the themes of games as interactive experiences for education and the failures of the average history class to bring home the emotional truth of historical events.

Leaving the talk, some of the Zombies saw Humans and started chasing them to eat their brains.

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