Overheard in New York

Harold and I were on the train the other night, talking about the game. It was the usual post-work subway, crowded and loud when we got on, but a lull happened to fall in the car a few minutes in.

“I mean,” I said to Harold, and to the silent subway car, “Once timetravel’s working smoothly, we can move the teleporters without a lot of problems.”

They say people don’t stare at you in New York City, but I happen to know that’s a big lie.

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  1. captaincursor says:

    When I was at Secret Level we were doing an America’s Army game, our talk of sniper spots would make the folks from other floors in the building very nervous on the elevator.

  2. Meg says:

    Haha! I thought of you after it happened actually, must come up ALL THE TIME in lore and quest writing!

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