Further Uses For SCVNGR

“Have you noticed that by the time we sit down in a restaurant, you’re always starving?” I asked Harold. “I point this out only because I thought if I didn’t order quickly enough, you might stab me, and also, the waitress ran off after taking your order, and is now cowering in terror.”

“What do you mean?” Harold asked. “You might be exaggerating.”

To prove my point, I scrolled through my recent SCVNGR check-ins. “This is when you were starving so we went to Scopello’s –”

“You mean Restaurante Italiano?”

“You called it that because you said you were too hungry to remember the real name! This is when we went to that sandwich shop because you were starving to death. You starving to death again. Ok, you get a pass, this next check-in is me drinking with Roy. This one is you starving to death. Me eating lunch with Caitlin. You starving to death. Starving to death. Starving to death. Do you see where I’m going here?

“You can either start noticing when you’re a little bit hungry, or I will start carrying Ziploc bags of Goldfish and juiceboxes around in my purse.”

If you follow me on SCVNGR, you might have seen that my next check-in was a stop to buy Goldfish.

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