Speaking Simlish

I play a lot of games. I also read about games, and think about games, and work on games, and write about games. Sometimes my game development work gets in the way of my games journalism, and my editor at Hardcore Droid sometimes has to remind me about using developer vocabulary in magazine copy.

I don’t frequently go to brick-and-mortar shops, but I went by a GameStop to get The Sims 3: Supernatural the other day. I sold off most of my games hardware when I was extremely broke, and living in Scep and Kate‘s study, and I never replaced it because I moved to Brooklyn and you can’t have game consoles in a Brooklyn apartment! That’s just crazy talk! I need that space for my bed!

The kid working in the shop was very nice, and kindly explained what an expansion pack is and made sure that I already had the main game, because otherwise, this wouldn’t work. I hadn’t actually asked him what expansion pack means, and it was a little odd to be on the receiving end of the clerk’s help, but it was really charming that he was so worried I’d get it home and be disappointed.

Sure, I’m a game writer, but I’m also a thirty-year-old woman buying The Sims.

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4 Responses to Speaking Simlish

  1. threegee says:

    Poor kid probably had a bad experience with someone who didn’t know the difference. Of course, I’m a big fan of customer service; otherwise, one would just shop online.

    • Meg says:

      It was actually really sweet how much he didn’t want me to go home and be disappointed. Still, I felt a little odd and a lot old hearing it — a bit like the game store version of hearing “ma’am”.

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