Text-Based Space Opera in ‘Choice of the Star Captain’

I’ve talked a lot about text-based games like Heroes RiseTo The City of the CloudsChoice of RomanceChoice of The VampireChoice of the Dragon, and now, I’ve got a new piece on Geek talking about Star Captain.

Choice of the Star Captain is a new text-based adventure for iOs, Android or web browsers. In this ChoiceScript game, players take on the role of a young pilot, recruited for a special secret mission for StratComm in the space battle of humans versus Blob.

The player is almost immediately recruited by Salazar, an agent at StratComm who has some, uh, unique recruiting methods. After taking a crazy aptitude test, with questions like how gravity smells or how many fuzzy Thursdays are purple, your player is recruited to join the war against  the evil alien Blobs! Salazar doesn’t seem surprised, but everyone else in StratComm find the player is an unusual rookie.

Via Text-Based Space Opera in ‘Choice of the Star Captain’ on Geek Magazine.

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