This weekend, Harold and I went to Small Press Expo in DC.

Since I began spending time with Harold, I’ve realized that I am not really a comics fan, as much as I’m a person who enjoys good stories, and often finds stories to enjoy in a graphic format. Being a serious comics fan seems to involve inside baseball on writers and artists and publishers, and who started a fight with who on Twitter.  Being more of a reader means liking the characters and stories, and having a nice time at comics events with Harold, without really knowing any references to other works or knowing what’s trending.

high scoreHigh Score: A Microcomic Anthology on Videogame History was not a new release or a featured title in anyway. It’s actually a Kickstarter companion for High Score! The Illustrated History of Electronic Games. But, with a ministory about a landfill full of copies of the ’82 E.T. game, and plenty of game dev jokes,  the High Score comic might have been my favorite find at SPX.

I also went to Peter Bragge’s talk.  In total non-fan honestly, I went because Harold is a huge fan of Hate. (That’s Bragge’s previous comic, although sometimes Harold is a fan of the emotion as well).  Bragge’s new story is a biography of Margaret Sanger, and his talk centered on feminism and the process of writing history as a narrative. The book is great, and  deserves to be discussed in more detail.

Harold and I got separated in the crowd, and both bought copies of Space Pyrates, before we found each other again. Sweet! Romantic! Not very efficient!

Another great purchase was Americus, about a young boy growing up in a rural town that wants to ban Harry Potter, I mean, a beloved fantasy series that upsets fundamentalist parents by referencing magic and witchcraft. I started this while Harold was in a line to get a book signed and finished it that night. Really great character development, a well done coming-of-age story, and about a dozen subplots in the art. I picked up The Cute Girl Network by the same team as well.

spx haul
Good thing I am just a casual reader, I couldn’t carry all my books home if I were a serious fan.

See that Cute Girl Network paperback? I wrote more about it over on Nerdy But Flirty!

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  1. Bill says:

    I’ve been meaning to go to SPX for like the past 5 years and every time I have somewhere to be. This year it was Myrtle Beach.

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