Hey, You Guys, Sleep Is Pretty Great

So I’ve had a bit of a problem that’s made it hard to sleep, but now that problem is sorted, and I’m sleeping properly, and, you guys, sleep is the best! Did you know it’s completely amazing? And makes you feel great?

Now I don’t wake up every morning already exhausted, so I’m not strained every single day because I’m so tired. I also don’t spend every night lying awake thinking about the terrible things that only come to mind in the middle of the night. (That stupid thing I said three months ago. What if tomorrow my boss fires us all and closes the company?) Getting enough sleep has dramatically improved my life!

I think I’ll go tell everyone know how nice it is to sleep and how awesome it is to feel rested. Sleeping! It’s good for you!

It was only recently, after all, that I noticed the relationship between eating and my mood. I almost never feel hungry, which sounds good because diet guides always talk about becoming thin by showing you how to curb your hunger, right? If left alone, I’ll get caught up in what I’m doing, until midafternoon when everything I’m doing becomes very difficult and everyone around me becomes extremely annoying.  When I worked with Chip, around this point one of us would go find the other one and ask, sheepishly, “Did you remember to eat today? Because I forgot again.” After I have a meal, everyone stops being such annoying jerks.

Eating, you guys! It’s really good! It keeps everyone around me from becoming an insufferable jerk! Like magic!

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